How Drinking is Related to Anger?

How Drinking is Related to Anger?

Alcohol is something that has quite a few effects on human life. While we can highlight some of the health benefits, there are innumerable issues with it as well. There are people who are quite cool even after a few drinks. But some people can hardly stay relaxed when they are drunk. They get increasingly abusive, both physically and verbally, and get into some tough situations. Alcohol has various effects on our brain. Alcohol has the capability to lower inhibition which can cause some people to become happier and more relaxed while some others can get angrier even at tiny things. If lower inhibition causes someone to lose his or her cool, the person is more likely to suffer from anger issues when drunk.

Something deeper is moved

Anger while drunk is the symptom of something deeper within us. As alcohol directly shows its effects on our brain, the part controlling our anger is affected as well. As we slowly lose control over our instincts due to the effects of alcohol, we can barely keep check on our anger. This is why anger just goes out of control making people do things that they wouldn’t have done otherwise. In fact, relationship counselors are getting more couple suffering from anger drinking issues.

Losing ability to reason

The ability to reason is something that helps us to take decisions even at some crucial points of life. But alcohol creates an issue with it as well. We avoid many conversations and stop ourselves from doing certain things just to avoid certain situations. But we cannot make our brains work to think about consequences when we are drunk. This makes us take any step without any proper thought or decision. As we lose the fear of consequences, we slowly lose our grip over our anger and taken hurtful steps.

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