3 Signs a Woman Should Visit the Oncology Doctor


As you grow older, being aware of common symptoms of cancers or diseases becomes more crucial. After all, finding signs of cancer earlier is the best way to ensure your survival and recovery. One of the most common cancers a woman can have involves her reproductive system: cervical and breast cancer. As you enter your forties, you must become more vigilant of anything developing so you can visit an oncology doctor immediately. Here are common cervical and breast cancer symptoms so you know what to look for regularly.

1. Vaginal Bleeding

Usually, vaginal bleeding would signify an upcoming period, which isn’t anything worrying. However, if your vagina starts bleeding in between your cycle or after sexual intercourse, it may be a sign of something more serious. The growth of cervical cancer may cause this bleeding; as it develops and invades surrounding tissues, it may start to affect nearby blood vessels, which would cause bleeding. If you get unusual bleeding in your vagina, it may be best to call an oncologist. They’ll be able to prescribe your cervical cancer treatment in Singapore.

2. Blood-stained Vaginal Discharge

A smaller yet still remarkable sign of cervical cancer is blood-stained vaginal discharge. It may look similar to the discharge you would expel after a menstrual cycle. It can be bloody, brown, or watery and with an unpleasant smell. Note that this is a less clear sign of cervical cancer, so you may not need cervical cancer treatment in Singapore. You may need a pelvic examination and a pap smear before going to an oncologist.

3. Change in Appearance of the Breast

On the other hand, if your breast starts to change in appearance, it’s crucial to consult with a breast cancer doctor in Singapore. Luckily, these symptoms are easy to detect at home, which is why many women check their breasts for signs once every few weeks. Look for lumps, swelling, dimpling, redness, or pain in your breasts. You may also get flaky skin around the nipple area, or your nipples may discharge a fluid other than milk, such as blood.

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