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What Do We Need? Good Old Fashioned Timber Decking!


As soon as my husband and I got married, we immediately started the conversation about moving out of our apartment and into a real home. It took us about a year to finally put that idea into motion since we had to save up for an actual property. We discussed whether or not we should rent one instead of owning one, but we eventually decided that purchasing a home would leave us with fewer payments to worry about. My husband even dared to make a joke about the possibility of our kids not liking the house we bought. ‘What if they tell us that our house looks ugly and dumb?’ he asked before laughing in response when I pinched his arm. ‘What if they want outdoor decking from Singapore, but we got a house that doesn’t even have an outdoor space that needs decking?’ I know he was joking at the time, but it still made me wonder what the proper response to a child’s criticism was.

The Planning Process

When it came to planning our dream home, there were a lot of things we had to consider before finally making the arrangements needed to make it a reality. My husband suggested particular interior designs he liked, one of which was industrial, which made me gasp in disgust. ‘It’s artistic; you wouldn’t understand!’ he exclaimed.

We eventually concluded that we mutually wanted a contemporary interior design. The primary materials used in this design are usually light wood, glass, and stainless steel, while the colour palette consists of browns, creams, whites, and blacks. I asked my husband if he had any special requests for the furniture, and he quickly mentioned the need for an armchair with a built-in footrest. He said something about playing the dad role seriously, making me want to bury myself under composite decking from Singapore out of embarrassment.

A Good Decking Idea

While we were looking through the various things we could add to our house, the idea of decking returned to my mind once I found a site for flooring. My husband mentioned it earlier in his joke, and ever since then, I thought about how some WPC decking from Singapore could work in contemporary interior design. As long as it came in a shade from the contemporary colour palette, it would give the house a cosy feel.

I brought this up to my husband, whose brows raised in response to the suddenness. He first made a jab about how his joke from earlier was making me overthink before he hummed in deep thought. ‘If that is what we’re going for,’ he said with a delighted smile, ‘what do you think about timber decking?’ I grinned as wide as he did and told him it was the smartest thing he had ever said since we started planning. He playfully whined and feigned offence at those words, which I giggled at. It was settled. We will have a house with beautiful decking.

The Finale

It took at least a few months to find a house and renovate it afterwards. Once everything was set, we were pleasantly surprised with the results and how good the decking was. It was exactly how we pictured it, and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my husband in our dream home.

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