3 Recommended Steps For Hiring Funeral Services


When it comes to funerals, there are no set guidelines. In Singapore, funeral services can continue without the assistance of an expensive event planner in the same way that birthday parties or weddings can be organised without the assistance of a professional.

Book a conventional site or venue.

The most common misunderstanding about funeral arrangements is that they must be in a church or crematorium chapel. Which is not entirely required.

Like a traditional funeral, a celebration of life should pay tribute to the individual who lived it. So, when choosing a location for your funeral, think about the person you are honouring and what kind of atmosphere they would prefer. If so, what activities did they enjoy participating in? You might want to think about holding the ceremony in a natural setting that more accurately represents their interests and values, just like how Taoist funeral services in Singapore pay homage to Taoist beliefs.

Make plans for catering services.

In Singapore, before booking funeral services, you may want to think about incorporating your loved one’s favourite food, sweet, or national cuisine into your celebration of their life.

Assuming that you’re renting a function room for your DIY funeral, the venue will likely have its catering options to choose from. If you’d like to customise the menu, contact the venue.

Organise the eulogy and tributes.

Aside from the basic funeral services package in Singapore, eulogies are the first step in a funeral or memorial service’s tributes. It is customary for a family member or close friend to deliver a eulogy at a funeral service. Eulogies are meant to honour and celebrate the life of the deceased, so sharing a personal story of the deceased’s life provides a sense of purpose and a lasting legacy for the people they care about.

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