Tips to Help You Remember Your Reusable Bags


Plastic pollution is a serious problem. Plastic bags are one example. Plastic bags are being produced by manufacturers all over the globe. Only 1{c2d6fc9fe7aced34f377b761e3dff05edf93a0e5fce8d2e373afa5be583477a9} of these bags are recycled. Plastics are not meant to be used repeatedly, but end up in landfills and waterways where they can be ingested and absorbed by wildlife. They also emit harmful chemicals that can harm the ecosystem and end up in the food chain. Plastics harm our health and the environment, from production to disposal. You can take steps right now to reduce plastic pollution.

Reusable Bags are a simple and effective way of reducing plastic waste. Several cities have taken the initiative to ban single-use plastic bags. For example, Palo Alto, ban plastic bags, and they aren’t looking back. It’s not surprising that plastic-free shopping is becoming more popular in cities which can save around 20 million paper and plastic bags each year.

Many retailers offer discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to use reusable bags. Many reusable bags can carry a lot more groceries than single plastic bags. Reusable bags make it much easier to transport all your groceries in one bag if you’re doing a large shopping trip.

Reusable bags are not good for the environment or you. Here are a few tips to keep your bags organized.

Keep a few on hand. It’s time to get rid of all those bags in your closet. To make it easier to carry your bag, place them in convenient places such as:

Grab the front or back knob of your door and you’ll be on your way.

For those spontaneous shopping trips after work, a purse, backpack, or messenger bag is the best choice

You can choose your preferred mode of transport: If you forget, you’ll always have a backup

Train your brain. Make a note card or sticky note and place it on your morning coffee or lunch to remind you to take one. Make a shopping list for tomorrow. Add a reminder to your shopping list to bring your bag (BYOB) you can also physically carry your shopping list with you when you leave the house.

Make the most of your technology. Create an alert on your Smartphone when you plan a shopping trip. Or add BYOB to e-shopping lists in bold. Are you still having trouble remembering things? For a few weeks, you might want to change the lock screen on your phone. Or download an app to help you remember daily tasks.

Take one for travel: You never really know when you might need it. It’s a good idea to bring extra space for your return trip. Items tend to accumulate the further you are away.

Make or buy bags with a purpose. Help your favorite charity, group, or store by buying a reusable bag featuring their logo or message. Do you want to make the most of what you already own? Great! Make your reusable bag from scrap fabric.

Get yourself a fun bag that you will enjoy using. Take responsibility. Forgot your BYOB? You can either find a way to transport your items without using a bag or leave them at the store. You’ll find it easier to remember your reusable bags if you do this once or twice.

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