How To Guarantee Safe Employee Transportation?


Companies must ensure their employee transportation. What is employee transportation? Employee transportation refers to an employee’s daily commute sponsored by the company. For example, companies send shuttle buses to pick up and drop off their staff at specific locations. Sometimes, the company provides cars and fuel allowance to their employees.

In logistics companies, trucks and vans are the usual vehicles they use to transport their staff along with their goods. But how do companies guarantee the safety of employee transportation?

Here’s how to ensure employee transportation safety:


Some roads and streets are more dangerous than others. Roads that are not properly well-lit or lack signages increase the chance of vehicles getting involved in accidents.

Bystanders and other criminals reside on some streets and take advantage of vehicles getting stuck in traffic by syphoning their fuel or taking their side mirrors.

Companies must ensure that the routes their shuttle buses will take are safe and secure. A fleet management solution can help with route planning. Fleet managers can choose which direction is the safest and most efficient.


IoT companies in Singapore also provide tracking devices, such as GPS, installed in cars and trucks. There are significant purposes for GPS trackers.

Firstly, they are handy when the vehicle breaks down. The company can send a tow truck or other response teams to the car by knowing its real-time location.

Secondly, trackers prevent drivers from getting lost. It is helpful, especially to drivers who are unfamiliar with the route.

Lastly, it detects unnecessary stops. As mentioned, fleet managers can plan the route for drivers. The trackers can determine whether the driver is taking unnecessary stops along the way or using a different route which adds to fuel consumption.


It is a cardinal rule to maintain the upkeep of your vehicle. Otherwise, it will be prone to accidents and breaking. These scenarios can cause delay, property destruction, injuries, and even death.

Like machine monitoring, a fleet management solution can also monitor the status of your vehicle by tracking its mileage and recording its last maintenance. If the car is up for maintenance, the fleet management system notifies the fleet manager.


Many road accidents are caused by human error, such as drunk driving and distracted driving. You should ensure that the drivers who will pick up and drop off your employees are disciplined drivers.

A drowsiness detection system can detect whether the driver is sleepy and unsafe enough to drive through eye and steering wheel movement.

The safety of employee transportation is a company’s obligation. With these tips, you can ensure the welfare of your staff on the road.

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