How can you fix a CBD vape pen that isn’t hitting?

How can you fix a CBD vape pen that isn't hitting

Did you also know that more CBD fans are turning towards disposable nicotine vape pens in order to enjoy their daily doses of Cbd pen in a portable and user-friendly manner? These vape pens are very popular because they come in an all-in-one package that doesn’t need to be assembled or charged. They can be stored in a small, convenient place and can hold a variety of different strains.

What components make up a CBD Disposable Vape Pen?

The technology behind disposable CBD vapes is quite advanced these days, but they still have some flaws. There are times when a disposable doesn’t work out. So what should you do? Be sure to read these troubleshooting tips before you dispose of the device.

First, though, it is important that you fully understand what a disposable is. This will help you to pinpoint the problem.


For disposables, the cartridge can’t be separated from the device. But it is located underneath the chassis. The cartridge holds CBD oil and includes a mouthpiece. This allows enough airflow for you to draw the vape vapor into your mouth, without the need to push any buttons.

The coil is housed inside the cartridge. It’s made from a metal heating element and has a wire to absorb the vape juice. The coil uses the power from the battery to heat the e-liquid absorbed by the wire. This is what converts the vape juice into vapor.

The last component of the device is the battery. The battery capacity depends on the size and capacity of the disposable device. The battery is non-rechargeable, and is intended to last for as long e-liquid can be stored in the cartridge.

How do I troubleshoot an electronic CBD vape pen?

The next step is to find a disposable device that will provide you with vapor regardless of how hard you pull.

#1: Tap it

Sometimes, a disposable can’t hit because it has an air leak in the cartridge. If this happens, tap the cartridge or flick it a few times. This should break down the air bubble. Do not force it, as this could cause damage to the device.

#2: You can try to remove debris from the mouthpiece

Sometimes the issue is a clogged nosepiece. Your disposable could get jammed in your mouthpiece if it’s kept in your pocket or purse. Check the inside for obstructions. You can then use a small pointy object such a safety pin (or a toothpick) to gently remove anything that may be trapped inside the mouthpiece.

#3: Check out the Battery

Most disposables provide some indicator that the battery is functioning by pulling on them. You may see a glowing light when you inhale. If the indicator is on but nothing happens when you pull, your problem may be dead batteries. This is a manufacturing error and is unfortunately not repairable.

#4: Think of the Unit as a Dud

One in every three times you might have a problem. If this happens, you will need to cut your losses by purchasing a new device.

The Bottom line: Some disposable CBD vapes have a fix ability, but others are not

These solutions can fix most cases of a disposable device not hitting. However, there are some instances when the device is not hitting and the manufacturer made an error. In these cases, your CBD vape pen cannot be fixed. A trusted company is the best choice to avoid a bad experience.

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