Easy Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

In contemporary time, the world has attained modernity and has fostered the ever-changing technology among which the mobile operating system known as Android is the most prominent.

We are living in an era where the use of an android device is inevitable. Notwithstanding its several benefits, problems related to its demeaning execution or the degradation in its performance is quite common. It is absolutely baffling to see the money go in vain when your device doesn’t function properly due to unexpected lagging and crashing of the OS.

As the saying goes “every problem has a solution”, this muddle also has some solutions. Here, are some ways to speed up your android mobiles and make it faster.

  1. Clean up your Home Screen

Using a static image as wallpaper of your phone is preferable. It is recommended to have a minimum number of widgets and eliminate unused icons.

  1. Uninstall unused apps

The best way to speed up your smartphone is to unfasten the installation of those apps, which you don’t entail. Be limited to the apps you use. There is no fancy in keeping those bulky apps, which are not used.

  1. Clear Cached data

Cached data helps an app to load its interface quicker, but it can build in spam and occupy a prodigious space if not cleared periodically.

  1. Clean out built-in storage

If the internal storage of the device is almost full, it slows down to a substantial extent. It is advisable to keep at least 10% to 20% of its memory free to prevent it from lagging and shutdowns. Try to move on the media and files to an external SD card if the external card slot is provided.

  1. Update firmware

Regular updates intensify the performance of the device and various new improvements are installed on the phone. Backing up your device just before updating is advisable.

  1. Root phone, install custom ROM

Installing a custom ROM, which is lighter and less-resource intensive than the manufactured UI firmware helps to improve performance and important features.

Everyone demands performance and lightning-fast efficiency in android devices. It is very much certain that if you follow the above-mentioned procedures then you will experience the best of an android interface.


The Best Health Guide for a Healthy Family

Keeping your family secured from illness and health issues can be challenging unless you are following a proper guide for it. Health and healthy habits are important for every member of your family, starting from the little ones to the elderly. This health guide is formulated to give you an outline about how you should go about it. Follow the next lines to ensure the best health for your family

  • Healthy Eating

You might have heard this a thousand times, but still making this the regular practice of your family might be difficult. This is the time when you should cross every barrier, and make every member of your family understand the all-round benefits of healthy eating. Stop filling your kitchen with junk, spicy foods, restrict the number of times you eat out in a month, carry lunch for Tiffin, and never forget to have sufficient water every day.

  • Regular Exercise

It’s another vital point to attain health. Working out regularly is indispensable for every one of your family. For doing regular exercises you necessarily need not to get into a gym, you can exercise on your own at your home, at any time convenient to you. Take up habits like going out for an evening walk with all your family or a morning jog in the nearby park, which will help you to relate, communicate and have fun while filling your regular quota of exercise.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene is vital for health. Starting from personal hygiene to keeping your home, kitchen, and dwelling place free from germs and pollutants is important to ensure best health of your family. Use medicated floor cleansers with antibacterial property, make it a point to use only a clean toilet, always wash hands before eating or cooking, and never wear a soiled cloth.

  • Go for regular health checkups

Most of us have the tendency to miss appointments with doctors, particularly when there is not something bothering you physically; but a regular checkup, once in 6 months is necessary even for the healthiest person of your family to ensure that nothing is wrong.

You always need not to do big things to attain big results; following just the above four simple guidelines can ensure the best health for your family.


Practical Eco-friendly Tour Tips

In theory, being eco-friendly sounds very simple but in practice, it is hard at times. While on a tour there are many things that need to be considered under the umbrella of eco-friendly travel.

Practical eco-friendly tour tips

Carry a reusable shopping bag

On a tour, it is tempting to buy souvenirs and things as memories. Now, you don’t wish that your vacation trip memories last for more than 500 years. Actually, plastic bags take around 500 years to decompose, so carry eco-friendly washable shopping bags, while on a tour. You can even add it to your car for routine shopping needs.

Pack light

When you fly each kilo counts, more weight on the flight means more CO2 gets released in the atmosphere. Therefore, pack lightly, just the necessary items. Mother Earth appreciates eco-friendly people!

Choose public transport

While traveling sharing public transport means you are not adding extra carbon emission, unlike private transport options. Moreover, you can get to know the locals and add great traveling memories.

If possible, travel on land

Cutting on a single 5-hour flight will help to lighten tons of carbon footprint. Travelling by road will make you enjoy the countryside evermore. Even when you go sightseeing choose eco-friendly options as much as possible like walking and hiking or go for share rides.

Remember hotel is home

Avoid keeping lights or TV on at night or when you go out. Avoid spending long hours in the shower of asking for clean towels often. Take care on how you spend the energy when you stay in a hotel.

Enjoy carbon-friendly food & drink

You will certainly enjoy the taste of locally brewed beer. Actually, your drink turns out to be low-carbon as beer mileage gets cut down. It even applies in eating local produces and allows your taste buds to get carbon-friendly!

NO bottled water

It is well-known fact that empty plastic bottles are responsible for landfills and pollution. Travelers can fill reusable bottles often from the water-filters installed at their hotel.

Power in numbers

Small groups have less impact on the environment, so travel in a tour with small groups with responsibility towards the environment. Before booking check the group size.

Home Improvement

Buying Home Décor – Follow These Shopping Tips

Shopping for home decorations is one of the things being looked forward to by homeowners, especially when moving to a new house. While shopping is fun, you have to keep in mind that it is important to shop smart when it comes to choosing home decors. Below are the tips that could help to make your shopping a breeze:

  • Consider the size

It is important to know your home’s size limits. If you are shopping for a decoration to be put on the shelf, you have to consider the height and width. List down the size limit so that you will never go wrong with your décor of choice.

  • Stay within your budget

You don’t need to break a bank to shop for the best home decoration pieces. Although the best decorative pieces come with an expensive price tag, it does not necessarily mean you can’t find cheap yet beautiful pieces. You just have to know where to source for the best home decorative pieces. This website is the home for the beautiful decorative pieces for your home at a fairly affordable price. Not to mention, it has a huge selection of home decor, and so, you will surely find decorative pieces that best suit your design style and preference.

  • Buy what you love

If you are shopping with a limited budget, you would need to weigh things to find which one you really love. You may find one decorative piece beautiful, but is it something you really love? You want it now, but are you seeing yourself still wanting it after some time? It is more of contemplating as to whether it is really what you love, or is it something you just like. Remember that when shopping for home décor, you can’t really have it all, especially if you are working with a limited budget.