The Anatomy of a Good Learning Centre in Singapore for Toddlers


Singapore has always been particular in its approach to education. Everyone makes an effort to provide quality education to the coming generations. Due to our regard for education, many institutions offer supplementary learning for children of all ages. From baby classes to JC tuition, a Singaporean child will not need to worry about the lack of learning experience throughout his life.

As parents, we want to ensure that our children attend only the best enrichment classes in Singapore from the start of their journey. Thus, it has been crucial for new parents to find a learning centre that offers quality toddler classes to support their child’s formative years. Here’s what makes an ideal learning centre for young children:

Conducive Facilities

Just like the baby proofed nursery room inside your house, the place for baby classes in Singapore must be safe. It must be designed considering the child’s needs and limited capacities.

It will be good to have a school tour, onsite or virtual, to see where the learning centre is handling its toddler classes. You may also want to check other facilities that your child has access to such as the comfort room, hallways and school grounds.

A conducive environment for toddlers does not stop at being safe. It should be colourful, lively and educational. This way, your child will be surrounded by the things he needed to memorise while growing up.

Role Model Teachers

Teachers and childcare providers must be role models for both children and parents. As they will spend much time with young children, they are expected to be kind, courteous and understanding. The teachers will also need to relay the children’s progress in the toddler classes to the parents. Thus, they must be very professional and should display good communication skills.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology of a learning centre reflects the day-to-day lessons in their toddler classes. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the teaching methodology of your chosen school.

As parents, you should also decide which teaching methodology you want to subject your child to. Do you want him to learn through Montessori principles? Or do you prefer the Heguru method for your child? It all comes down to how you want your child’s development to be.


Learning should start young. If you are raising a cute little toddler, you may be wishing to give him a quality education from the start. Looking for baby classes to nurture your child? Discover a great learning centre in Singapore here!

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