5 Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Charging Power Bank


Power banks are portable devices that store power for future use. Depending on the type, a power bank can charge electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, and cameras, hence a wireless portable charger.

Before most power banks needed a USB cable to charge an electronic device. Today, you can find a wireless charging power bank in the market. Here are the things you need to know about wireless power banks.

FAQ #1: How do wireless power banks work?

A wireless power bank can charge your electronic device without plugging in a cord using charging coils. These coils activate when a device is nearby (smartphone or tablet). These electronic devices have similar coils inside them, compatible with the ones in your power bank. When the coils activate, the power bank will begin generating power.

FAQ #2: Is it possible for any devices?

The wireless power bank will only work on devices with wireless charging capability or wireless charging coils. If the coils inside the device and the coils inside your power are back aligned, the power bank will begin generating power. Your device will not charge if they are not properly aligned or lack wireless charging capability. Typically, devices with a wireless charger in Singapore are compatible with a wireless power bank.

FAQ #3: Is there a difference in the charging speed between a wireless power bank and a wired power bank?

The charging speed depends on the wattage of your power bank. For a power bank, more than 7.5W is already fast charging. If we compare a wired power bank and a wireless power bank with the same wattage, the charging may have little to no difference.

FAQ #4: Can you charge multiple devices simultaneously with a wireless charging power bank?

Yes. Besides the charging pad, some wireless power banks are still ‘wired’ or have a USB cord for non-wireless charging devices. Therefore, a person can wirelessly charge and charge with wires simultaneously with a wireless charging power bank.

FAQ #5: Can you still use your device while charging with a wireless charging power bank?

Yes, some wireless power banks come with stands and adhesive charging pads. These features allow users to stream shows or watch movies while charging the phone.

If you have moved on from the wireless charger in Singapore, it is time to try out wireless power banks.

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