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How To Balance Functionality And Aesthetics Of Residential Interior Design In Singapore


Perhaps, the most tricky part of planning a residential interior design in Singapore is finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. But what are these two elements?

In interior renovation in Singapore, functionality refers to the capability of an area, room, or space to serve its function.

On the other hand, aesthetics refers to the beauty, appearance, and style of an area, room, and space.

There are times that we compromise one of these factors for another. Here are some tips on how to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics of an interior design:

1. Consider the people using the space.

If you have children and toddlers living in the house, you might want to use easy-to-maintain and child-proof furniture for your home. Many top interior designers in Singapore know which fittings are appropriate for big families.

If you are living with someone with a disability, it is essential to have an accessible yet stylish interior design.

2. Consider the lifestyle of people using the space.

If the house occupant likes to host gatherings and parties at home, it is essential to have a lounge, outdoor settee, and dining area that can accommodate a large group of guests.

Besides having a long dining table and humongous couch, the entire space should also have a warm and welcoming mood by adding decors and textures to the residential interior design in Singapore.

3. Set your budget

Setting your budget prevents you from purchasing aesthetic furniture impulsively. Your budget cap narrows down the list of your decor and furniture, retaining those fittings that have the best of both aesthetics and function.

4. Consider technology

Home technology is proof that functionality and aesthetics can co-exist. Home technology is usually present in sleek 21st-century modern interior design. They are discreet and stylish yet very functional.

Many top interior designers in Singapore incorporate technology in their designs.

You can find the balance between aesthetics and functionality by keeping these four things in mind.

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