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Security Window Film: 7 Benefits of Securing Your Windows

Security Window Film 7 Benefits of Securing Your Windows

Glass is one of the most preferred materials for enhancing illumination in residential and commercial buildings. Besides adding aesthetic value, glass allows free passage of light rays that brighten up a room, thus saving energy in the long run.

A local UPVC window repair company in Leeds told us that clear glass is prone to break-ins and vandalism and may not withstand the strong impact of unforeseen natural calamities.

For this reason, building contractors now incorporate window security film technology to reinforce the clear glass. A window film protects your glass windows and walls against smashing, intrusion, and shattering in the case of natural disasters. 

Learn the benefits of a window security film and how it protects your business against intrusion.

How Security Window Films Protect Your Window

Security films are your first line of defense against unexpected threats to your business. The film contains several polyester layers laminated using adhesives to the right thickness. The enhanced thickness guarantees durability and strength to overcome tearing, puncture, shattering, or breakage.

The window security film operates like a car windshield, where the strong adhesives protect the glass against impact from external forces. For instance, if someone throws a stone at a distance or forcefully slams your window, the film forms a protective barrier that keeps the glass intact.

A window film, therefore, transforms your conference room, data center, or conventional office into a secure enclosure for all equipment and office occupants.

Benefits of A Security Window Film

A security film can withstand a bomb blast, a windstorm, or any other form of forced entry through the window. In addition, the film can delay an intruder’s entry by making it difficult to breach the window. As a result, if you’re attacked inside the building, you can have enough time to hide in a safe room and call security agents.

In addition, installing a window security film guarantees the following remarkable benefits:

Strong Shield Against Solar Radiation

Strong ultraviolet rays from the sun may damage the skin and eyes, in addition to causing unwanted discoloration of furnishings and office equipment.

These ultramodern films protect fabrics, furniture, and furnishings against discoloration. They will also protect you and other occupants against damage to the skin as a result of UV radiation.

However, not all window films have UV-blocking mechanisms. So, to enhance solar protection within the office, consider transitional, tinted, or daylight-redirecting variations of window films.

Enhanced Indoor Privacy

Do you wish to obscure visibility in a glass-paneled room? Window security films have excellent privacy options for all types of buildings.

Usually, burglars take advantage of transparent windows to scan office buildings for enticing valuables. Thus, if your board rooms or offices have many transparent windows and walls, you may be an easy target for burglary.

Installing privacy-enhanced security films makes it impossible for burglars to see through the building, even if your windows are closer to nearby walkways.

Lower Indoor Energy Usage

Security films have unique window treatments, including integrated tinting blocks. Therefore, during the summer, they will keep indoor temperatures in check and reduce energy bills spent on operating air conditioners. Similarly, tinted glass absorbs heat, which helps keep the building warmer during cold weather.

Cost-effective Window Protection

Security film is a cost-effective way of protecting your windows against threats. Unlike laminated security glass, a security film is cheaper and offers exceptional protection without much expenditure.

Additionally, most window films require little care and maintenance after installation. They remain intact while offering much-needed protection for many years. So, if you have a fixed budget yet require sturdy window protection, consider a window film.

Safety Against Natural Disasters

Most natural calamities strike without notice. Unfortunately, some, such as earthquakes, may blow out windows, while tornadoes and high winds can carry flying objects that may smash windows. 

However, with a robust window film, you’re sure of some safety during calamities. Although the glass may crack, it will not shatter but remain intact, allowing you a safe exit without injury.

Minimized Damage and injury

Broken glass and flying objects may damage artwork, office equipment, and computers. However, since security films do not shatter easily, they will prevent damage to nearby equipment in the event of an attack.

Additionally, they can withstand the impact of thrown objects and bladed weapons, effectively protecting people within the vicinity during a security breach. 

Boosts Aesthetic Value

Glass protection is not only a security enhancement but also a means of adding curb appeal to the building. They’re designed in unique shapes and patterns that give the building an eye-catching appearance.

Essential Factors For Installing Window Security Films

Security films come in various sizes and material qualities, each designed for a unique role. Therefore, before settling on a specific film, you should evaluate various options depending on your security requirements.

The following factors will come in handy when installing the film:

Film Type

Security films serve different purposes, ranging from enhanced protection to aesthetic appeal and mitigating hostile weather conditions. Determining the film’s greatest need will help you decide on the right film type.

Size and Thickness

Window films have various sizes, so you should only go for the perfect match for your window size. Additionally, they vary in thickness, with prices increasing when many materials are used to enhance thickness.

Company Accreditation

There are many window tinting and installation companies, but not all specialize in security film installation. It is advisable to hire an accredited window installation company for your project. An accredited company will have, among other things, qualified staff, state-of-the-art installation equipment, security-specific clearances, and vetting certifications.

Overhead Costs

You may incur extra costs besides the usual price of films when installing window films. For instance, if the installation company is traveling a great distance to your premises, you may need to arrange accommodation for the duration the workers will be on site.

Where to Install Window Films

Window shielding is ideal for securing confidential data, new product concepts, research laboratories, and commercial outlets where people share confidential information with their staff.

Such areas include;

  • Police stations.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Banking institutions.
  • Guard booths.
  • Prisons.
  • Military establishments.
  • Schools and higher learning institutions.
  • Data centers.

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