Learning The 4 Different Types Of Storage Facilities In Singapore


It has been a culture and trait for many Asians to hoard a lot when shopping, especially when 50{fb7be50fc31effdb9605f8b3debeee6a3c8b64943aa6a00e7fe40d608050225a} off discounts and sales are up for grabs! That said, many business owners are now using storage facilities in Singapore to their advantage. Some open their own storage units for rental, while others use them to place their extra corporate stuff and files. For whatever reason, it is quite impossible for many people to throw things away and let go of the piles and mounds of clutter in their spaces, commercial or residential.

Skip the hassle of decluttering! Behold, the discovery of storage units. If you’re planning to rent a storage space in Singapore, let these four different types guide you on which one can meet your needs.


Climate-controlled type is one of the usual storage facilities in Singapore. This sort typically offers spaces as large as 25 to 300 square feet. The best thing is that all units come with temperature and humidity control. Moreover, security is at its prime. Only limited authorised users have access, and the entire building has enough security, close monitoring, and security cameras on every floor.

Some items that may require a climate-controlled storage unit include wine bottles, upholstered furniture, collectables, family heirlooms, electronics, precision tools, clothing pieces, family heirlooms, and other crucial documents. If you have any of these, you may want to opt for a climate-controlled, cheap storage space in Singapore.


If your goal is a cheap storage space for rent in Singapore, non-climate-controlled units can be the best bet! This type usually is less expensive than the first one. It is similar to garages, as they offer a multiple-row set. The only downfall of this type is during extreme weather, such as summer or winter. Items within the unit can significantly get damaged when the humidity and temperature are uncontrollable.


Storage facilities in Singapore that offer portable containers deliver one to your business or home. The access to belongings within is limited until you call the company, ask them to pick it up again and return it to its warehouse. One disadvantage of portable containers is that they are also not climate-controlled.


The last type is the information management service. The company picks up your personal belongings from your home or office, transports them to their storage facilities in Singapore, and delivers them in boxes afterwards. The cons of this type are they have limitations to paper files only. They never keep furniture and equipment.

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