5 Embroidery FAQs: All About Hairline Embroidery and More


Achieving the perfect look takes work. You must consider many aspects of your face, such as your lips, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and more. For some, repeatedly putting on lipstick and eyeliner or using an eyebrow pencil can be exhausting. However, did you know there’s a way to eliminate these aspects of your makeup routine? If makeup takes up too much of your time or money, consider getting a semi-permanent solution with an embroidery procedure. Here are five FAQs about embroidery, including different types such as hairline embroidery and more.

What is Embroidery?

When you first hear ’embroidery’, you may initially think of the arts and crafts form. However, it’s also a makeup procedure using tiny needles and semi-permanent ink. The ink will fade after several months, unlike real tattoos that will stay on your body forever, so you can decide whether you want to get it redone or start using makeup again. Because of the technique they use for this procedure that involves tiny needles, it’s also known as microblading. Many types are available, such as eyebrow micro blading or lips embroidery in Singapore.

What is Eyeliner Embroidery?

Eyeliner can be tricky and annoying, especially if you struggle to make both eyes look identical. Skip the frustrating part and skip straight to the result by getting an eyeliner tattoo in Singapore. During this procedure, your beautician gently inlays pigment into your eyelids in the shape of your favourite eyeliner style. This pigment will last several months, ensuring your eyeliner is always sharp and clean.

What is Lips Embroidery?

Many people love to use lipstick or lipgloss to make their lips look more lively and noticeable. With lips embroidery in Singapore, your beautician can inject the pigment of your favourite lipstick shade into your lips, allowing you to forgo lip products for several months until the colour fades away.

What is Hairline Embroidery?

Hairline embroidery is one of the best solutions for solving a high hairline. During this procedure, your beautician will use tiny needles and a pigment that matches your hair. After a round of anaesthetic cream, the beauty expert will then use the needles to draw light, hair-like lines on your hairline, giving off the impression that you have a lower hairline and a fuller head of hair.

What is Brow Embroidery?

If you’re tired of using eyebrow pencils and getting your brows threaded, you can take care of all your brow needs by getting brow embroidery in Singapore. Your beautician will inject pigment into your brows, drawing hair-like lines that blend in with your natural brow hair. This procedure can help establish an eyebrow shape and make them look fuller.

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