5 Most Common Applications Of Air Spray Disinfectant


We all know that trees can eliminate impurities in the air, but we cannot possibly use trees inside our homes to clean indoor air. Thankfully, a home air purifier shoulders the job. Besides air purifiers, some homeowners also use air spray disinfectant.

Air spray disinfection is misting or fogging an area with a disinfection solution to kill airborne microorganisms. Besides home, here are the other places air spray disinfectants are used:

1. Offices

Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, many offices have temporarily closed to mitigate the spread of the virus. Today, even with the offices gradually opening, they still commit to regular disinfection.

Disinfection services usually involve cleanings of high-touch surfaces, such as tables, keyboards, and door knobs. It also involves aerial disinfection or fogging to kill airborne viruses.

2. Manufacturing factories

Similar to offices, many people work in factories and the transmission of viruses is high in these places. Manufacturers ensure to disinfect their factories and warehouses with bottles of air spray disinfectant through fogging or misting to kill microorganisms.

Besides protecting their staff, fogging also ensures that the facility and the products they produce are safe although they may still undergo a separate disinfection process before distributing to retailers.

3. Agriculture

Poultry farms, pigsties, and other agricultural producers also disinfect from time to time. The number one reason why the farmers implement it is to prevent the spread of diseases.

In the past years, the world faced a thousand cases of bird flu and African swine fever. In some cases even end up culling the animals. Disinfection can reduce the spread of diseases from one farm to another.

Fungus and other microorganisms are also the culprits behind crop diseases. Some farmers disinfect their gear, equipment, and warehouse before entering the farm to prevent the transmission of diseases.

4. Events place and venues

Events places and venues, such as concert halls and theatres, are also crowded areas. To prevent the transmission of the virus in these places, event organisers fog and mist the place with air spray disinfectant before letting people inside the venue.

5. Schools

Many schools disinfect each classroom through fogging and fumigation to ensure the health and safety of the students attending their classes on weekdays.

Besides the classroom, they also disinfect the faculty office, gym, restroom, and locker areas, as these areas are highly populated.

 A bottle of air spray disinfectant can have multiple uses and applications!

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