Corporate Video Production In Singapore: A 5-Step Process On How A Team Helped Me


Video production and drone videography in Singapore are flaunted as two of the most used and futuristic media in the long run. When I started my business, I started small and clueless about the nitty-gritties, including making a corporate video production. When my commerce grew and boomed into a more massive, established company, I was able to have the funds to hire a highly-skilled in-house video production team and benefit from their video production services.

Video has become my powerful tool in communicating how I started and moving my target market to think, purchase, feel, and behave in a certain way. So, what does it take to do video marketing well? Hire a corporate video production in Singapore. Here are some video production services I paid for that helped benefit my company.



It was when my video production company in Singapore and I started conceptualising my video. The team helped brainstorm my story and determine which parts were feasible and ideal to add. Basically, this is when we planned the rough idea in mind of how we wanted the video to turn out.


During this part of the corporate video production in Singapore, the team did marketing research and presented a storyboard, including a list of their proposed characters, situations, and settings. Everything got done by the production team, including scouting, planning, and negotiating.


After these two comes the scripting process. The video production company in Singapore comes with a screenwriter who ensures everything is well-polished. This part is when the cast also started the reading. If you need to re-cast or there is some issue with the script, consult the screenwriter and casting director. That way, they can think of, adjust, and accommodate the changes as early as the pre-production.


The pre-visualisation of the corporate video production in Singapore is when the casting director and team visit the location, run readings, and perform test shots. They ensured my corporate video looked good together well, especially the site, gear, and actors. This period is also when the director, producer, and audio director discuss the audio they will use for the video. There was also an instance where they needed to purchase and licence the audio used, for which they asked for my approval and budget first.


During the planning, the video production company in Singapore made a final shooting schedule and list of equipment needed, built a shot list of all visuals, and created a script breakdown. The prop masters, engineers, set designers, and stagers all ensured that everything was ready for the production and shooting actually begins.

The pre-production process is crucial. If you didn’t like any of the output, you, as a client, should be vocal about your concerns. I recommend having a quick talk with the director, producer, and screenwriter privately to discuss any changes before they take over the production. Communicate with your video production company in Singapore as openly as possible.

Post-production, including colour grading, editing, post-production graphics, cinematography in Singapore, and others come after. Keen to learn more? Check out Zeetrope and its services today!

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