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5 Easy Steps How To Lay Carpet Tiles In Your Singapore Home


There are many ways to incorporate carpet tiles into a room’s design, and their cost-effective maintenance makes them an excellent option for any homeowner. It is perfect for households with kids and animals since you can replace each tile easily.

Fortunately, the process of laying carpet tiles in Singapore homes may be done by anybody, with only a few simple tools and a tiny amount of planning.

Step #1. Remove everything in the room

Before you proceed, it’s essential to remove all of the furnishings from the room. It will allow you to focus on the setup rather than dealing with the clutter. Like putting grass carpet in Singapore homes, it’s ideal if your area is clean first.

Step #2. Figure out the supplies needed

After cleaning out your room, you’ll find it easier to measure how many carpet tiles from Singapore suppliers you’ll need. By multiplying the room’s entire length and width, you can get its total square footage. Make sure you get as many tiles and mastic to complete the job.

Step #3. Look over your current floor plan

There are floorings where you can directly place carpet tiles. However, let the fresh concrete dry for at least a month. Any wood subfloor or existing floor needs to be firm, dry, and properly fixed. Talk to your vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore about any damage for consultation.

Step #4. Work your way from the middle

Starting in the middle of the room ensures that you’ll have the main space covered in uninterrupted carpet squares. Make sure you purchase enough carpet tiles from your Singapore supplier to guarantee that all areas have extra yards.

Step #5. Pay attention

It’s essential to pay attention to the edges when applying glue to carpet tiles made of peel-and-stick material. Before continuing, ensure that you securely bond all of the sides.

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