Alcoholism and Anger Issues

Alcoholism and Anger Issues

Anger is something that is part of natural human emotion. It is our emotions that make us more humane than anything else. But excessive emotion is harmful for us. Anger is one such emotion that can get in between relations and family life. The destructive side of alcoholism can ruin lives if one has no control over it. It is often aggravated by alcoholism as it makes it harder to have control over emotions. Anger plays the role of a coping mechanism for some people who use it as a cover up for other emotions. But alcoholism and ager feeds of each other and soon anger when drinking is going to be more destructive if goes unchecked.

Drinking to cover anger

Many people tend to think that alcohol would be able to make them feel better and forget their anger. While one might feel a bit better for a few moments, this feeling subsides quickly as the person starts to lose control over the emotions. The anger which was to be suppressed by alcohol gets aggravated due to it. It often leads to situations of domestic violence and other life destroying incidents.

Co-occurring issues

People with both mental health issues and substance abuse are suffering from co-occurring disorders. Such patients suffer more from anger issues. Both alcohol and their mental health contribute towards a worse condition. Patients with co-occurring disorders must get proper and special treatment that can treat both issues at the same time.

Alcohol not only takes a toll on the liver but also on emotional wellbeing. While increasing the risk of stoke and heart attack, it also increases the chances of anxiety and depression. When it is used as self-medication against mental health conditions, the issues get even worse. It is necessary to get professional help to get back to normal life.

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