Why You Need a Solar Panel in California: Electricity Hacks

Why You Need a Solar Panel in California Electricity Hacks

With the kind of climate we have in California, solar energy would really be able to help you with your electricity needs. There is a reason why California is known as the golden state, which is why getting your very own solar panels in California is always an amazing idea. So, here is why you need a solar panel in California: electricity hacks.

Do you need solar panels in California?

 Solar power is a kind of electricity that is pollution-free, and there would be no greenhouse gasses that would be let out into the atmosphere after you install it.

 You would be able to help in reducing your dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil.

You would not need any trenching because you would be able to place solar panels close to your home on your home directly.

● When it comes to the aesthetics of solar panels, they are continuously improving to help fit the aesthetic of your home.

 Solar energy would be available to you every day of the year, even when it is a cloudy day.

 Maintenance for solar panels is not something you have to worry about because you would virtually need no maintenance in about 30 years.

 There would be return investments.

Solar companies continue in creating new jobs because there are solar panel manufacturers, and solar installers, which is why it is also helping the economy.

● Any excess power that you get from your own solar panels could be sold back to the power company or the grid.

  There are solar batteries that you could use to help store your solar energy and use it during the night, helping you be less dependent on the grid.

Why is solar power good for California?

1.     Golden State

There are a ton of reasons why California is called the Golden State. It is a gold mine of energy since there is a lot of sunlight in this state, so this is the perfect state for energy. The amount of sunlight you get a day is perfect for Photovoltaic solar panels, and they would be able to get better sunlight so there would be better electricity.

When it comes to renewable energy awareness and using renewable energy aside from solar power, California is the leading state. At the end of the day, California has already contributed so much to the solar industry, and they are continually contributing and raising awareness among their people.

2.     Perfect place for Solar

Being the perfect place for solar is one thing, but if they do not take advantage of that, it would mean nothing. It’s a good thing they actually know they are perfect for it. Since they have all of this free energy that they are getting from the sun, Californians are building establishments that would help them take advantage of that.

Let’s take Martin Hermann for example. He made a solar farm called Springbok 2 that would help produce electricity and offer it at a much cheaper price, offering about $43 per megawatt-hour. This is helping residents stray away from getting their electricity from the traditional power plants that use fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil.

3.     Goldmine for electricity

There are a lot of solar projects that are happening in California that are helping the increase solar power electricity generation in California, to the point that it is actually producing too much electricity that all of the wholesale electricity prices are actually starting to turn negative.

Price rollbacks in electricity are actually expected because there are so many solar power companies and solar farms that are being maximized, which is compelling the government and other utilities to change the way they charge and distribute electricity in the whole state.

Is it worth it to install solar panels in California?

Even though you are not living in a place that is relatively sunny, it would always be worth it to install solar panels because you get to have energy even when the sun is not at its peak. So imagine the benefits that you would get when you live in California where it is sunny almost every day of the year. Solar panels are a great investment, because not only would you help the environment, but some of it comes with incentives, you get to have lower upfront costs, and raise the value of your home.

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