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5 Tips for Choosing Toilet Models and Flush Systems


The toilet flush systems you equip your bathrooms with are just as significant as the toilet itself. Here are five tips you can follow to select the best type of toilet and flush for your home.

#1 Conduct Flush Rating Comparisons

You will be using your toilet for at least ten years. It is worth spending ten minutes researching before you buy. It is best to compare independent test results of “flushing performance” across manufacturers and individual toilet models and flush systems.

#2 Look for Rebates

A third of your household’s water use goes to the toilet bowl units of your Singapore home. Before you buy, look into the findings of independent tests. Sometimes toilet bowl brands offer rebates on their models.

#3 Using Less Water is a Top Priority

Gravity toilets are less water efficient and quieter than pressure-assist toilets. They are also more expensive and noisy than gravity types. Finding components and performing repairs on pressure-assisted toilets might be more difficult.

#4 Consider Wall-Hung Toilets

One-piece toilets are easier to clean, but they are also more expensive and challenging to install. Consider a wall-mounted toilet bowl for your Singapore home if you feel flush and want to make cleaning a breeze.

#5 Beware of Bigger Toilet Bowls

Bowls that are 2 inches long are called elongated bowls. For many individuals, it is longer and more comfortable. Take some measures before upgrading from a regular round bowl. Failing to consider the allocated area for your toilet bowl in your Singapore home can be a bigger problem financially.

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