4 Signs You Need to Hire Aircon Cleaning Services


Getting an aircon cleaning service is necessary in ensuring that your appliance maintains optimal performance. However, its quality degrades over time with each subsequent use. One question you might have is how to determine when you should hire an aircon servicing expert in Singapore. Read this article for more information about these four signs your appliance needs professional help.

  1. Aircon Vents Have Moulds

One tip to know if you need to hire an aircon cleaning service is seeing moulds in its vents. Generally speaking, their presence indicates that there are more of them inside. Avoid using the appliance and consider getting an aircon chemical wash to thoroughly remove all spores, dirt, and other unwanted particles.

  1. Hot Air is Coming Out

An aircon that releases warm air defeats its purpose, especially if it should be cold. If you notice this effect from your appliance, it is time to hire an aircon cleaning service to increase its efficiency. However, it is also possible that you are experiencing a refrigerant leak, which in that case, consider having a repair company attend to it.

  1. Air Has a Foul Smell

If you notice a foul odour coming from your aircon every time you use it, turn it off and contact an aircon servicing company in Singapore to address the issue. Mould or mildew is likely growing inside your appliance, resulting in their smell flowing through your room.

  1. It’s Been Some Time Since Last Maintenance

Lastly, consider contacting your aircon cleaning company if your last maintenance was a couple of months ago. Depending on your usage, you should hire their services more frequently to avoid the buildup of dirt, dust, mould, and other unwanted particles. Generally speaking, maintenance should happen once every twelve months, provided no other issues occur within that period.

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