5 Ways On How To Break The Urban Poverty Cycle


Despite Singapore’s riches, urban poverty persists across the country. It is because of the rural-urban shift driven by a better financial outlook found in cities.

In addition, living circumstances in metropolitan areas may be to blame for the rise in homeless individuals on the street. Here are some suggested five ways to end the struggle of poverty.

1. High-quality education

Children must have access to high-quality education to fulfil their skills and talents. As long as social inequality in Singapore in public and private schools exists, more children living under urban poverty will feel more left out.

2. Availability of healthcare

The right to health care is a human right and must be accessible to anyone regardless of income. More people should be allowed to enter medical facilities. This way, it will save more lives of people living in urban poverty.

3. Financial stability

Insured financial well-being means more families will have the capabilities and perseverance necessary to survive difficult economic times and increase their income. Inviting more people to join volunteer opportunities in Singapore also increases that chance to provide training in many communities.

4. Access to clean water

Every child’s life depends on access to clean water and sanitary facilities. However, people under the conditions of urban poverty often experience no source of clean water. Clean and accessible water available for everyone to use will help avoid illnesses and complications.

5. Reassessment of the poverty line

With the lack of a Singapore poverty line to differentiate those in need, the programs to alleviate poverty may not be effective. According to the study of Singapore Management University, Singapore may need to consider reevaluating how it addresses, recognises, and treats poverty.

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