4 Aircon Maintenance Tips For Singapore Homeowners


Because of the hot and humid climate of Lion City, having an air conditioning unit is a must for numerous homeowners throughout the island. These appliances help residents cool down during warm afternoons and keep them from feeling uneasy. But like other home appliances, your aircon needs maintenance in Singapore. Learning how to take care of your AC will keep it from malfunctioning and deteriorating.

However, some AC owners are unsure about the ways to look after their units. Fortunately, they can refer to guides like this article to learn how to maintain their air conditioner. From strictly following usage instructions to getting aircon chemical cleaning services in Singapore, here’s how to take care of your AC unit:

1. Use Your Air Conditioner Correctly

Always refer to your air conditioner’s manual when using it. This guide will teach you the correct way to operate your AC to prevent mishaps. The manual may also contain proof of your unit’s warranty and a voucher for a complimentary aircon service.

2. Schedule Regular Cleaning

While getting aircon servicing packages in Singapore is the best way to maintain your unit, you can clean your AC yourself at home. You can remove some of its components and remove the debris to prevent dust and dirt blockage.

3. Watch Out For Signs Of Defects

Unusual sounds and odours are telltale signs of air conditioner defects. Faulty units can even blow warm air into a room or leak water from any of its components. Phone an aircon maintenance expert ASAP as soon as you notice these indicators to resolve your AC issues.

4. Get Aircon Servicing Packages

According to AC experts, homeowners like you should get servicing packages every three months. Doing so will ensure that your unit is free from the gunk that would damage its components. But before getting an aircon chemical wash, ask for its price in Singapore to avoid getting surprised at the amount you have to pay.

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