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4 Common Factors That Damage Facial Skin


The initial result of the best facial Singapore has to offer – plump, radiant skin — often lasts three to five days. Without a doubt, amazing outcomes like that inevitably raise the question: how can you sustain them?

To assist you in maintaining that post-facial glow long after you leave the spa, here are four elements that can wreak havoc on your complexion following a facial.

Applying makeup.

After getting the best facial treatment in Singapore, you should not put on any makeup for 24 hours (at least for 24 hours). You may have an allergic reaction or even a full-blown outbreak if anything comes into contact with your skin while you are in this state.

Continuous touching of the skin.

Beauticians will tell you to avoid picking at your skin after a facial if you want to get rid of acne. It’s basic skincare, but it’s critical after you receive the best acne treatment in Singapore. Those who have had facials know what happens afterwards. The process of exfoliation of the skin will begin. When you get a facial, be careful not to pick at your skin. This could be painful, and there may even be scarring.

Working out.

After an aesthetician applies acne treatment products from Singapore, the skin takes time to relax and repair. Sweat and other irritants can irritate, so it’s best to take a day or two off from activity. Bear in mind that your pores are undoubtedly still open from the steam utilised during your treatment, so avoid applying makeup following your facial treatment immediately. You do not want sweat to enter those newly cleansed pores.

Excessive exposure to sunlight.

Acne treatment products from Singapore make the skin more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. As a result, post-facial care includes staying out of the sun. However, excessive exposure to sunlight is not recommended. Prevent overexposure to the sun by using SPF 30 or higher before going outside if you use Retinol or Retinoids.

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