What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Safe Keeping Storage?


Over the last decades, land scarcity has become an issue in many countries, and Singapore is no exception. That leads to the sizing down of houses and increasing property prices. The good news is that renting safe keeping storage is now commonplace.

Anyone can lease a unit to store anything for personal or business use. If you lack enough space in your premises, you should rent one once you search for ‘storage space near me’ online. Take note of the dos and don’ts below before keeping anything inside.

The Dos

1. Label The Boxes By Category

Write fragile glass items and warning signs for sharp objects. Doing so will prevent you from carelessly checking out boxes when looking for things. Without labels, you might get yourself injured

2. Stack Smartly

Besides adding labels to each box by category, you should also stack the boxes smartly. Having a floor plan of your inventory will do the job. You can quickly find what you are looking for without rampaging through the safe keeping storage.

3. Disassemble Large Items If Possible

Whether home or office furniture, you should resemble these whenever possible. Consider taking pictures of all sides and keep the manual with you so you can reassemble them once you need to use them again.

The Don’ts

1. Store Anything That Breach The Regulation

Most storage companies have rules and regulations that renters of safe keeping storage must follow. Otherwise, they are subject to paying a penalty fee. To avoid that, below are the things you should store inside:

  • Perishable goods (e.g., frozen foods)
  • Hazardous or flammable  Items (e.g., fireworks, fuel, oils)
  • Any living things (e.g., humans, animals, or plants)
  • Weapons (e.g. guns)
  • Wet items

2. Forget To Lock The Unit

Like other properties, you should keep the unit locked. Intruders might come inside and steal your belongings.  Increased security will help prevent that from happening.

3. Let Anyone Else Access The Unit

No matter how close you are to someone, you should not let your guard down and allow them to gain access to your safe keeping storage unit. Remember that even someone you know can harm you and steal your belongings.

Now that you know what you can and cannot do, you are ready to rent safe keeping storage. Consider contacting A Safe Place Self Storage at +65 6272 3375 or leave a message on their website, as they are one of the most reliable storage companies you can trust.

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