4 Child-Friendly Bookshelf Shopping Tips For Singapore Parents


Furnishing a child-appropriate bedroom can be more tricky than some parents think. Mums and dads like you should think of a style that perfectly represents the unique character and taste of their little ones. You should also consider the type of decor and furniture pieces you will put inside the bedroom. You may ask yourself, ‘does my child need furnishings like a play or study table with shelves, or should I settle on giving them a single bed and a dresser?’

Bookshelf units are one of the many pieces you can add to your youngster’s bedroom to enhance its looks and functionality. But due to their prices and bulkiness, numerous parents hesitate to invest in and put them in bedrooms. However, many argue that bookshelves are absolute must-haves due to their functionality and appeal. Scroll through to find out if getting a bookshelf in Singapore is ideal for your young one.

Do Kids Need Bookshelves?

Also known as a bookcase in Singapore, a bookshelf is a horizontal furniture piece that allows individuals to store and display various possessions like books, other printed materials, memorabilia, knick-knacks, decor, and other personal items. This furnishing often resembles cabinets—but it has a few horizontal racks or ledges within its shell or frame.

A bookshelf inside a child’s Singapore bedroom can be too much for some families due to its size. However, this furniture piece is a brilliant addition to any room since it gives individuals more storage space. A bookcase inside their bedroom will teach the child the value of keeping a space neat and organised. It can also allow your little one to showcase their prized possessions and add a stylish touch to their room.

How To Choose The Perfect Kids Bookshelf

Finding and picking the perfect child-friendly bookshelf in Singapore can be tricky due to the number of options available. To help you shop for a bookcase that best suit your little one, here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Window Shop In Online And Offline Bookshelf Stores

Never buy the first bookcase you see in Singapore. As much as possible, check your options by visiting a nearby furniture store or using Google to search for home improvement shops selling kid-friendly bookshelves.

2. Understand The Bookshelves’ Functionality

Before taking a bookshelf home or having one shipped to your doorstep, see if your chosen type or model is a worthy investment based on its functionality. See if the bookcase has an appropriate height that your little one can reach without putting themselves in danger. Moreover, check how much stuff it can store to see if it can hold most, if not all, of your little one’s possessions.

3. Check The Bookshelves’ Features

Numerous bookshelf models in Singapore boast different features. Some come with holders for bins, while others look like fun objects like toy cars or fire stations. You can even shop for a study table with shelves to have a multi-purpose piece that does not take up too much floor space.

4. Consider The Bookshelf Style

Bookcase models come in different designs that suit various aesthetics. Some look minimalistic, while others have fascinating images of bugs, plants, and cartoon characters painted on their surface. Bookshelf design may not seem crucial, but picking a visually-appealing one may help enhance your home’s look and feel.

Remember the tips above when shopping for a bookshelf in Singapore at trusted stores like Kids Haven. Check out their website to browse and choose from their vast child-friendly bookcase selection.

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