The Best Movies You Missed This Year


With the presence of the internet, individuals can watch their favorite Indian movies online without any difficulties. It has become a great alternative to watching movies at cinema halls or movie theatres. All thanks to the OTT platforms, which had made it possible. You will come across some of the best movies that these platforms have in store. Many movie enthusiasts and movie lovers are currently praising and have showered plenty of love to a particular movie. Want to know which movie it is? Check below.

Bhanumati and Ramakrishna

When it comes to films on low-budget, Bhanumati and Ramakrishna are one of them. This romantic comedy is directed by Srikanth Nagothi, produced by Yashwanth Mulukutla. Shravan Bharadwaj and Sai Prakash U took the responsibility of composing the music and cinematography, respectively. The film consists of stars, such as Harsha Chemudu, Naveen Chandra, Raja Chembolu, and Salony Luthra. The movie stands out as one of the best romantic movies online, which will also give you a good belly laugh. The movie shows that the main characters are two different fluids who try to fit themselves in one bottle while breaking all the stereotypes.

Movie plot

The story begins with a 30-year-old woman named Bhanumati, who is a software engineer. She’s pretty confused with her emotions and thus lives a mechanical life. Bhanumati is also heartbroken after her boyfriend dumped her due to the age factor. During this difficult situation, she comes across Ramakrishna, a small-town boy who starts working as her assistant. She gets upset and irritated with Ramakrishna’s behavior, but she falls head over heels for him with each time passing. The movie is unique and beautiful as it shows how two individuals with different ideologies and backgrounds fall in love.

The feel-good factor of the movie

The thing that made the entire film stand out was how beautifully it was executed through the entire narration. For such reasons, there was no boring aspect present within the movie. Both the main leads, along with the supporting actresses/actresses, did their part excellently. Situations in the film, such as the conversations and how love developed between two leads, were very realistic. Although the movie is from the heroine’s perspective and Salony Luthra is a wonderful job. She appeared pretty strict in the film, but the way she portrayed her character was adorable. But it was Naveen Chandra who stole the spotlight. He displayed his brash side towards Bhanumati, which was nicely done.

The technical aspect of the film

The whole production work of the movie was simply amazing. The camerawork displayed the urban surroundings of Hyderabad superbly. The movie’s dialogue was effective and simple at the same time, and the editing by Ravikanth Perepu was perfectly done as well. Lastly, the director did a splendid job. Although the story was simple, Srikanth showed that he has an excellent grip on sensibilities. The young director did not sugar-coat any of the aspects for the commercial angle. Instead, it shows the life of the main leads and how naturally everything took place.


Bhanumati and Ramakrishna is a film worth watching. It’s simple, cute, and beautiful that shows natural romance and great characters. If you are interested in watching this movie or something similar to it, you will find it on the OTT platform of AHA.

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