3 Benefits To Digital Signing Solutions


A digital signature is a technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a digital document. Although it existed before the pandemic hit, digital signing solutions in Singapore are for the sake of having a virtual equivalent of a handwritten signature, a stamp, or a seal. However, its digital nature provides more security for your documents once they’ve been approved. It also solves the issues regarding tampering, forging and impersonation.

Digital signatures work using public key cryptography’s two authenticating cryptographic keys. The one who creates the signature has a private key to encrypt data related to the signature, and the only way to decrypt it is by using the signer’s public key. If the signer can’t open the document using the public key, that proves that something might be wrong with the document or signature. This system helps with authenticating the electronic signature.

There are several advantages when you use digital signatures for your official documents. Here are three of them to help you know the benefits better.

1. Security

Since a digital sign solution is built on encryption, it gives your documents more security than the usual printed document since the only people who have access to them will be those with private and public keys. With the public key and their electronic IDs, your clients feel less scared about their signature falling into the hands of the wrong person. Additionally, the time and IP location are recorded within the document, which means the only legal proof you’ll need in court is the PDF with the digital signature.

2. Fewer Errors In The Process

When processing paperwork, many things can occur without us even expecting it. Delays, mistakes, and possible risks of violating particular policies are challenging to avoid when human limitations can easily cause them. With a virtual signature, the chances of these things happening are slim to none, considering how the technology was designed to be consistent, standardised, and error-free.

3. Convenient For Abroad Clients

Your clients don’t need to be strictly local when you use a digital sign solution instead of asking for a regular handwritten signature. Since the documents are provided online, sending them to people across the globe can be done within a few minutes! All they need is to sign the given PDF file digitally, and they can return it to you just as fast as you gave it to them.

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