What You Need To Know Before Undergoing Lip Surgery

What You Need To Know Before Undergoing Lip Surgery

Like any operation, horn chestnut shaped lip surgery carries some risks. You must comprehend the goals and procedures of this kind of surgery. Lip augmentation, which is another name for horn chestnut shaped lip (ปากกระจับ, which is the term in Thai) surgery is a surgical technique used on people who want thicker or larger lips. 

To begin with, you must ascertain your suitability for such a procedure. You ought to be in generally good health. If you currently have cold sores, have any lip scarring, have certain medical disorders like lupus or diabetes, or have issues with blood clotting, you might not be a good candidate. Find out if lip augmentation is right for you by speaking with your surgeon. 

Why Do People Undergo Lip Surgery?

Lips surgery helps you to look beautiful and makes you stand out against the crowd. When it comes to lip augmentation, your surgeon only has a limited number of options. Injections, implants, and procedures are all options. Your surgeon will almost certainly use a topical anesthetic when administering injections. You can go home the same day after receiving an injection because they are performed on an outpatient basis. A local anesthetic is typically necessary for surgeries and implants. The procedure could take two hours. This surgery involves inserting synthetic material or fat into your lips.

From Where Do They Take The Fat?

Typically, the fat used comes from another area of your body. 

Your lifestyle and the type of surgery you undergo will affect how quickly you recover. With injections, your recovery may begin in as little as a few days. After 14 days from the day of your surgery, you can start to recover significantly from implants or grafts. 

Be aware of the dangers and potential problems before having horn chestnut shaped lip surgery. Infections, bleeding, nerve damage, scarring, and allergic responses to the implants and/or anesthesia are a few of the risks. 

Hire A Professional

When you contemplate undergoing lip surgery, your best bet would be to look for a suitable available professional. Your medical practitioner should have adequate experience in handling such surgeries. The experience of the lip surgeon would help you differentiate between satisfactory and poor service. 

It would be in your best interest to look for the right lip surgeon providing the best available services without burning a significant hole in your pocket. You should not be complacent with your choice of lip surgeon to save money. 

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