What Is Carbon Offset? – Travelers Tips to Reduce Their Eco-footprint


Escalating greenhouse gases and carbon emission levels are affecting the climatic conditions severely. Fortunately, there are ways that can be applied, which can make a great difference. The travel sector is promoting eco-friendly travel programs, where frequent and responsible flight-travelers are offered ways to reduce their eco-footprint.

How travelers can reduce their carbon footprint?

Air travelers can participate in a carbon offsetting program, which is a voluntary scheme where people pay to ‘offset’ the emissions that the plane they travel in produces.

What really is carbon offsetting program?

Carbon offset means using carbon credits to compensate for the produced emissions. These projects support wind farming, renewable energy, forestry, and resource conservation. It plays a huge role in dampening greenhouse gas emissions.

Many airlines are taking part in the carbon offsetting programs, where travelers can calculate their emissions easily and buy carbon credits. These carbon credits are sold to carbon dioxide equivalents in metric tons. It certainly helps a lot in offsetting ecological footprints.

How carbon offsetting works?

The airplane engine releases water vapor, particles, and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting does not eliminate the produced CO2 while flying; it is there in the atmosphere.

Actually, your share of eco-footprint gets balanced in another eco-friendly program like planting trees or offering more subsidy on use of renewable sources. This helps to reduce CO2 levels around the globe. Each flight CO2 emission is measured in tons and invested in projects that reduce the carbon footprint of the same amount.

Air-travelers tips to decrease carbon footprint

  • Book flights for direct routes, so as to reduce the fuel consumption and reach destination sooner.
  • Consider sustainable transportation, when you explore a new city. Choose biking or walking tours and have fun!
  • If possible when you travel in groups choose a road trip because car engine emissions have far less impact than the plane travels.
  • Keep the car maintained for energy efficiency and adhere to good driving practices like maintain consistent speed.
  • If you rent a car, while on tour choose a hybrid or fuel-efficient cars to reduce gas consumption.

It is great to know that even while you travel the concern about carbon emission can be balanced by participating in a carbon offsetting program.

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