What Are The Factors To Consider Before Renting A Commercial Office Space?

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Renting A Commercial Office Space?

In the corporate world, commercial workspaces are often rented or leased in order to avoid any capital investment. Especially if the business is a start-up venture, the management has to be cautious about the costs that are incurred. An office for rent with decoration (ออฟฟิศ ให้ เช่า ตกแต่ง, which is the term in Thai) can be rented by browsing through online websites or contacting a real estate agent. But what are the factors that a manager must consider before renting out such a property? Let’s find out!

The Geographical Location Of The Workspace

If the office is located amongst multiple other commercial hubs, it will significantly benefit the business, and there will be more business contacts. Another reason why geographical location is important is that the employees have to commute on a daily basis, so the location should be reachable by multiple modes of transport.

Current Market Value And Physical Condition Of The Property

There should be a physical verification of the property that shows the wear and tear occurred. Judging by this data, the manager can calculate the current market value of the property. If the office is in good condition, only then will it be selected. Renting a poorly maintained workspace will lead to further issues.

Amenities That Are Included Along With The Workspace

An office for rent with decoration usually requires a working elevator, clean washrooms for the employees, cabins, vending machines, etc. If the space has all these amenities included, it is a good choice. Selecting a property will already existing amenities will reduce the costs. It will also ease up the job of the management.

Amount Of The Deposit And Monthly Rent

The management will also have to consider the cost-effectiveness of a decision involving renting a commercial workspace. The amount of deposit is a lump sum investment and needs to be thought over. Similarly, the rent amount should be duly recoverable by the business throughout the month. Hefty costs can lead to a financial crisis.


While buying an office space, consider all these things and the welfare of the employees. Since they will be the ones working in that space, one should make sure that it is staff-friendly. It should have all the amenities required, and it should increase the productivity of the employees so as to maximize company profits. Consider all the options and choose an office for rent with decoration.

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