Weed Etiquette: How to Be Nice to Your Roommates


With the proliferation of legalized marijuana across the country, it is only a matter of time before roommates with different views come together. It’s already difficult enough rooming with one or more people with whom you don’t always see eye-to-eye. But throw marijuana into the equation and things can get more complicated.

Did you know there is such a thing as weed etiquette for roommates? It’s true. The Fresh Toast website recently touched on the topic with a basic article on weed etiquette. This post will use the Fresh Toast piece as a launching point and then expand on it further. Needless to say, human nature dictates we put some rules of etiquette in place.

Know the Law

First and foremost, know the law where you live. Maybe you live in Nevada, where both recreational and medical use are allowed. But perhaps you are in Utah, where only medical cannabis has the green light. You might even have to check for local ordinances that conflict with state law.

Why? Because any choice you make to violate the law could come back on your roommates if you do so in your shared house or apartment. You need to understand the implications of doing so and make sure that your roommates are okay with it.

Know Your Lease

Similar to knowing the law, you need to know what your lease stipulates about drug use on premises. Salt Lake City’s Beehive Farmacy says medical cannabis is allowed in Utah rental properties because it is treated like any other medicine. Illicit marijuana is not.

Furthermore, Utah law prohibits smoking marijuana. So you cannot do that in your house or apartment. If you live in a state where smoking is legal, just know that landlords still have the right to prohibit it on their properties. Know what your lease says so you don’t jeopardize your living arrangements or those of your roommates.

Ventilate or Go Outside

If you do choose to consume marijuana by smoking it, consider ventilating shared spaces or taking it outside. Your roommates may not be users. And even if they are, they might not want to join you at any particular time. Do not assume they are okay with a smoke-filled living room.

Deodorize Shared Spaces

The lingering odors left behind by smoking, vaping, and dabbing can be unattractive – even to roommates who occasionally use themselves. Do not take any chances with left-behind odors. Instead, deodorize shared spaces after consuming cannabis.

Consider Other Delivery Methods

While smoking is the most popular method of consuming cannabis among recreational users, it is not the only delivery method. If smoke bothers your roommates, consider another choice. A tincture under the tongue starts working almost as quickly as smoking.

Be Sensitive to Other Behaviors

Finally, your normal behavior might change when you consume marijuana. It could be that it changes in ways that your roommates do not appreciate. Be sensitive to their impressions. In other words, do not be the marijuana equivalent of the bad drunk. If using causes your personality to change negatively, take your weed privately so you don’t bother your roommates.

Sharing space with roommates is never easy. People are different. No matter how alike you and your roommates are, there are going to be things that cause friction between you. Do not let marijuana use be one of them.

Marijuana consumption is one of those things to tread lightly with. Make a point of knowing the law and what your lease says, then respect the rights of your roommates to use and enjoy the shared space they are paying for.

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