4 Ways Heat Can Affect Your Computer Server


Heat is a huge threat to most devices and equipment, especially in computer systems. No matter how sophisticated the system can be, it is not immune to the potential damages that high temperatures can bring.

We all know how maintaining a stable temperature is a tricky job. Hence, there are computer room air conditioning systems, sensing cables and water leak detection systems to help prevent heat from taking place inside computer/server rooms.

Here are some of the other threats of high temperature and what it does when your server room is not cool enough:

1. Programs will begin to fail

As the thermal rate within the system increases, there are high chances of bit error. What bit error rate does is it causes programs to malfunction. Programs can detect it as a command, which prompts the software to behave in an unusual way. However, the most common thing that will likely occur is a random reboot. Hence, the absence of a CRAC or any air conditioning system can affect the efficiency of your business operation.

2. System crashes are more prevalent

Downtimes are frequent when server systems experience crashes. In more recent computer systems, most BIOS are programmed to shut down when dangerous high temperatures are detected within the system to prevent further damage. In common cases, temperatures above the safe limit can also damage hardware components, which prompt the system to crash.

3. It can corrupt data

Data stored in your hardware component can be prone to corruption and experience file damages. Without a sensing cable or computer room aircon, heat can penetrate deep within the system, affecting RAM and memory hard drives, which can cause bad sectors to happen. Bad sectors are unstable parts within the magnetic part of the drive, where information cannot be accessed.

4. Overheat can damage the CPU

The CPU is considered the brain of every computer system. Overheating can cause irreversible damage over time. In other cases, high temperatures can even cause CPUs to blow or melt.

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