Top 4 China Cities for Import Business People to Find Suppliers


When it involves Chinese cities, the majority of people will certainly rate Shanghai and Beijing as their favorite selections to function as well as stay in China. Nevertheless, those 2 cities are not the best selection for import companies from China. In view of this, I would love to present the various other four Chinese cities that are best appropriate for doing import-export service in China.

1. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the most essential international trading city thus far. It owns the biggest number of industrial classifications among cities in South China. It likewise has a thorough and total industrial system in addition to surrounding cities of Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, etc.

You can conveniently find concentrated markets of Garments, Cookware, Lights, Toys, Shoes, Leather, Watches, Furnishings, and so on in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and many LED, ceramic factories in the neighboring city of Foshan.

Each year, over 100 trade shows are held in Guangzhou throughout different sectors. Amongst them, the twice-yearly China Import & Export Fair, also knowns as Canton Fair, is the biggest scale trade fair considering that its launch in 1957. It is held every April and also October, featuring the largest buyer attendance, the widest distribution of buyers’ resource country, and also best service turnover.

The huge transport network additionally makes it very easy for people to commute between Guangzhou and various other cities worldwide. Baiyun International Flight terminal is one of the busiest airports in China. A 4-hour trip can obtain you to any city in East Asia, South Asia, and North Asia. A 12-hour flight can obtain you to all major cities around the world.

Guangzhou is likewise filled with delicacies as well as one of the most famous is Cantonese food (Yue Cai). You can discover lots of western dining establishments here such as Spanish, French, Italian, Malaysian, etc.

2. Shenzhen

Shenzhen is an increasing and also glittering metropolis in southern China; also called the Globe’s Equipment Hub. It is reported that over 90{c2d6fc9fe7aced34f377b761e3dff05edf93a0e5fce8d2e373afa5be583477a9} of the World’s digital products originated from Shenzhen. In this situation, Shenzhen is China’s answer to Silicon Valley.

The Huaqiangbei Commercial Street has more than 20 shopping malls as well as is most popular for its Electronic devices Markets. Big shopping centers for digital products and gizmos include Huaqiang Electronic Globe, SEG Electronic Market, Yuanwang Digital Shopping mall, etc. You can discover nearly anything from smartphones, laptops, tablet computers, electronic door locks to different digital parts such as circuits, microchips, LEDs, and so on. With these components, you can make your very own smart devices or devices from the ground up.

It is such a big industry that you’d better prepare sufficient time to discover, ask, discuss and uncover the area. As there are many suppliers of one item category, you can constantly contrast prices and also high quality by contacting various vendors to get what you want.

Shenzhen is also a great area for economical clothes, no matter if you intend to purchase premium or low-class clothing. Century Plaza as well as Haiyan Wholesale Clothes Market primarily handle middle to premium export clothing, while Taoyuan Clothing City offers a wide variety of costs. Certainly, you can see the Guangzhou wholesale market for more options.

The closeness to Hong Kong also gives Shenzhen a one-of-a-kind benefit. Transportation in between Shenzhen and Hong Kong is becoming easier after going through personalized at 11 border control areas. You can additionally conveniently attend Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Hong Kong Plaything Festival, International Fashion Jewelry and Style Exposition, etc to try to find service chances.

With the fast development of Shenzhen’s Economic situation, it has actually ended up being home to ambitious business owners who look to make use of the city’s setting at the heart of the international tech supply chain. It is a young as well as a vibrant city, bring in an enormous amount of designers and also startups into the city.

3. Ningbo

Ningbo is also a production powerhouse in the southeastern Zhejiang District. One secret difference between Ningbo and the above 3 cities exists is no wholesale market in the city. Rather, there are great deals of small-medium-sized manufacturing facilities as well as trading firms.

Funding of package machine is another nickname for Ningbo. Over 130 packing equipment suppliers lie in Ningbo, as well as about fifty percent of the world’s plan equipments is created right here.

Ningbo is likewise among the significant production bases in China for Residence Electric Home Appliance, Stationery, Vehicle Parts, Mould, and so on. It is home to over 3,000 electrical device manufacturers as well as 10,000 coordinative manufacturing facilities generating components and also devices. There are over 3,000 mould makers and around 800 stationery producers situated in Ningbo.

The port of Ningbo-Zhou is a vital freight managing centre in Zhejiang. This is just one of the busiest ports worldwide in terms of freight tonnage. All the containers in Eastern China are delivered from Ningbo Port or the bordering Port of Shanghai to nations throughout the world.

Ningbo is an excellent city for living. It is not as well huge, nor too little, also not as crowded as large cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and so on. The living atmosphere is really positive, and also the real estate is not pricey either.

4. Yiwu

Yiwu is also a world-renowned trading city, having the globe’s largest wholesale asset market– Yiwu International Trade Market. This is likewise known as the additionally called as Yiwu Wholesale Market by foreigners.

It has 5 districts that are well arranged according to different product classifications in each area. Here you can conveniently discover a wide variety of items such as playthings, traveling bags, bags, precious jewelry, devices, clothing, hardware tools, home devices, etc

What makes Yiwu International Trade market different from more wholesale markets in Guangzhou? To start with, the international trade market is a one-stop selection for millions of sorts of items. You can discover any kind of item you can consider and go to area 1 to district 5 without leaving the building. There are additionally free-market buses to take you about.

While in Guangzhou, various wholesale markets lie in different areas of the city. This implies you have a cross country to go from one location to an additional. Additionally, unlike Canton Fair, the Yiwu wholesale market is open all year round, with the exception of Chinese New Year. You likewise do not need to wait for a details time to satisfy every one of the distributors.

It is likewise very convenient to take a trip to close-by cities either by bullet train or plane. The world’s largest sock production centre (Zhuji City), China Textile City (Shaoxing City), and also China Hardware Community (Yongkang Town) are all situated near Yiwu. It just takes 15 mins to get to Zhuji by high-speed train, and also within 1 hr’s grab Shaoxing and Yongkang.

Yiwu International Airport has dozens of air routes to cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, as well as various other major worldwide cities.

The big Muslim community in Yiwu likewise helps people of the same religious beliefs get in touch with each other really quickly. You can also locate great deals of Muslim dining establishments to satisfy your taste.

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