3 Easy Options To Cook In Condo


Cooking is always a special task as it involves how pleasurable will be our meal and how we can satisfy our tastebuds. But selecting different items for every day becomes quite daunting and when there is everything remains at our easy reach, the selection is quite complicated. A condo is a place that offers everything easily at hand and thus, whatever innovation we want to try in cooking becomes easier while being in here. Here we have picked up some most popular Menu for cooking at the condo (เมนู ทำ ที่ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) for you that you can try at home and make your meal special.

3 Special Menu To Try At The Condo

1. Japanese-Style Smooth Poached Eggs

This menu is suitable for both adults and children as it is full of nutrients. You can also use ready-made soup cubes to make the dish more amazing. You can alternatively try Japanese kombu seaweed and soup power made from dried fish dashi. It looks very beautiful and mouthwatering that you can’t control yourselves from having it.

2. Ham Scrambled Egg Over Rice

If you want to try healthy yet tasty food that absolutely helps you to be fit, then try this menu that will satisfy you want. You will need to cook the eggs as you do it usually and add some meat sprinkle onions for more color and wallah, you will have a great meal for sure. If you like the western style of cooking more than you can use butter in the place of oil to get more amazing essence.

3. Baked Rice With Chinese Sausage, Rice Cooker

Have you ever thought of having baked rice as your main dish? If not then experiencing this will certainly be innovative and exciting for you. It is very easy to make. Al you need is a rice cooker to cook the rice. Then you can add some shallow fried garlic and ginger to get a good flavor then add meat, rice, and shiitake mushrooms to it and let it fried. Season the dish with oyster sauce and serve. You will be called a master for sure while serving the menu to your family or other visitors at home.

Now trying tasty, healthy, and easy menus must be easier with these simple options. Start exploring distinct tastes at condos!

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