Monolids Vs Double Eyelid: Brief Discussion

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The eyes are the doorway to the soul, according to an old proverb. Additionally, the focus of any initial impression is always your eyes. Many folks would like to be happier with how their eyelids look. This could be attributable to genetics or the natural ageing process. Depending on your aesthetic goals, double eyelid surgery (ทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term Thai) can improve either. What follows is a comparison of single and double eyelids and advice on what to do if you don’t like how your eyelids look.

When Comparing Monoids And Double Eyelids, What Distinguishes The Two?

The monolid is a skin fold that makes it look like there is no crease between the eyelids. The epicanthic fold is another name for this skin crease. There are a variety of shapes and sizes for the monoids. Double eyelids refer to lids on one or both eyes that feature this crease. The widespread stereotype that all Asians have single eyes is not accurate. Double eyelids are just as common in Asians as they are in Westerners. 

Eyelid Surgery: For Single Or Double Eyes

If you have monolids and wish to have your eyes appear more open and youthful through surgery, then you should consider double eyelid surgery. Consider double eyelid surgery if you want your eyelids to form a more pronounced arc. Upper eyelid ptosis surgery, on the other hand, can correct droopy double eyelids. Local anaesthesia (with or without sedation) is used for both procedures. At your appointment, they will explore your options and decide. The operation typically takes 30 to 40 minutes, and you can return home the same day.

The typical healing period lasts seven to ten days. There will be some edema and bruising. However, this should pass quickly. They’ll write you a prescription for painkillers. However, you should feel very little pain after the first day of double eyelid surgery. You must adhere to your post-operative care plan and instructions during recovery. You’ll improve more quickly and feel more confident in your results if you do this.

What Are The Treatment’s Steps?

The first stage of the procedure is to put you to sleep so that you won’t experience any pain. Making the incision marks on the eyelids is the next stage. Cut along the indicated line multiple times. The surgeon will use the incisions to relocate or remove the fat deposits when necessary. You must contract the muscles beneath the skin to get that sharp crease. They then apply skin glue or stitches to seal the wounds.


Single or double eyelids pose no health risks. Double eyelid surgery may be an option if your eyelids impair your vision or you want to change their appearance. Experts can recommend the finest treatment and assure your safety throughout any necessary surgery.

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