Long-Form Video Content: Should You Use it for Digital Marketing?

Long-Form Video Content Should You Use it for Digital Marketing

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior. Today, customers are responding less to traditional marketing thanks to the emergence of content marketing strategies on the internet. 

Content marketing refers to the type of marketing that involves creating and sharing various online materials that set them apart from competitors. It is also the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign. Video content is an example of this type of marketing, which delivers messages to consumers through the combination of audio and visual elements. 

Video content is considered a more reliable way to retain information effectively than written texts. In the past three years, the percentage of businesses using video content in their marketing efforts has been within the 85-87{fb7be50fc31effdb9605f8b3debeee6a3c8b64943aa6a00e7fe40d608050225a} range, and 92{fb7be50fc31effdb9605f8b3debeee6a3c8b64943aa6a00e7fe40d608050225a} continue to value it as a vital component of their strategies.

Accordingly, many digital marketers have seen the favorable results it can produce, even helping them generate a good return on investments. Typically, marketers use different lengths of videos: short that usually last for a few seconds and a long duration spanning ten minutes or more. Choosing the time of the video content depends on various factors such as intent, platform, and target audience.

However, choosing video content with a short duration might not cover plenty about the company or a particular product. Due to this, many businesses harness long-form videos to diversify their marketing strategies effectively. Additionally, they seek the help of SEO services in the Philippines to remain competitive in the market and help them develop engaging video content.

Furthermore, long-form video content can be more informational, engaging, and filled with value that can appeal to targeted audiences, keeping them interested. As modern consumers continue to increase their online video consumption, businesses should consider long-form video content. 

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