A Vaper’s Handbook For The Summer

A Vaper's Handbook For The Summer

Summer officially is here, with bright skies and warm days. It’s the perfect time to put on sunscreen and get ice cream, as the sun is scorching at 30 degrees Celsius. Yes, Heated Products is excited about summertime because of iqos 3 duo. However, before everyone goes to the beach and starts building castles in sun, there’s one thing we need to address: safety. We are not talking about the typical “be sure to put sunscreen on before you lay down in the sun” warnings. No, this is something entirely different. Today, we are talking about product safety.

It can change colours and cause them to disintegrate. E-liquids are most likely to be destroyed by heat. Your e-juices can become much hotter in your car than it is outside, so don’t leave them inside. The sun’s rays can turn your car into an oven, with the interior temperature reaching between 55-60 degrees Celsius. If you’ve ever tried to get into a car on a hot day, you’ll know what we mean. Now let’s see what happens when you put your favourite e-liquids under such harsh conditions.

First, the viscosity is affected, making thicker VG-based e-liquids runny. Your favourite flavours may taste completely different due to the heat. You can throw away the liquids and do not try to cool them down. You all know heat is a factor in everything. Steel contracts when it’s cold and expands when it’s heated up. The same goes for air and any other stuff in your tank. A full tank of e-juice and a mod in your car will eventually result in an empty tank.

How do you avoid this happening on the road trip you’ve planned for weeks? It is possible to do it very easily. Most likely, you have a beverage cooler. If so, it is worth having. Ice-cold drinks will help keep you hydrated. Your e-liquid can be packed in a bag and placed in your cooler. Or, you can use a cool pack to keep it cool.

When you plan to go camping or away for a long time, it is important to prepare. You don’t want to end up with a burned coil or run out of juice. Extra coils, wire, cotton, and a lot of them are essential for a comfortable trip.

E-liquid tools and coolers aside, your batteries must be kept safe. You can’t ignore the dangers that Lithium-Ion batteries pose, but if you have an oven with wheels, then you are playing with fire.

Lithium’s ability to oxidize when heated can result in a decrease in the battery’s lifetime. As the cell’s chemical balance is disrupted, this means you will have to charge your batteries more. Although this sounds terrible, it’s nothing compared to what might happen. Battery overheating can occur if the batteries are left exposed to temperatures around 40+ degrees Celsius. This is true even for devices with integrated cells or devices that don’t have removable batteries.

Electronics hate the heat, which is why computers and small electronic devices have heatsinks. These heatsinks mainly consist of aluminium components that take the heat away from the sensitive chips and electrical wizardry. It’s been on the news before. Nobody wants another story about someone’s battery or device venting.

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