Learn More About Texting Etiquette: 2022

Learn More About Texting Etiquette 2022

Many businesses rely on various messaging applications to communicate with their clients. With that being said, most organizations use some form of texting for communication as it is a convenient and efficient way to correspond. In truth, texting has become people’s most preferred mode of communication.

When employees text their colleagues, superiors, and customers, it is imperative to abide by specific professional etiquette rules. People, especially when it comes to business communication, often overlook important questions regarding texting etiquette. Some forget to follow formal business language, boundaries in the workplace, and more.

In addition to practicing proper texting etiquette, it is important for organizations to have archiving solutions in place that are capable of instant message capture. Capturing messages while practicing proper texting etiquette makes e-discovery more manageable and allows businesses to comply with regulations. This is because recording or capturing the right meaning of the text allows compliance officers to understand or interpret the real meaning of the conversations they are looking for. Having robust archiving solutions in place is not only necessary for remaining compliant with internal policies but it can also show whether texting etiquette is followed by an organization and its employees.

Additionally, for companies that allow employees to use both iOS and Android devices, using archiving solutions based on a specific app like WhatsApp or WeChat can help them prevent any complications that might arise from different platforms and operating systems.

Organizations will need to use a robust archiver to monitor, record mobile sms, and archive business-related text messages which are useful for addressing compliance and eDiscovery requirements. It also includes archiving solutions for popular instant messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. You can learn more about texting etiquette and TeleMessage by reading this infographic.


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