Kumon brings Positive Changes to Kids

Kumon brings Positive Changes to Kids

Ever since its establishment, Kumon has aimed consistently to help students in developing a high level of academic ability along with becoming people who are capable of self-learning. The instructors at Kumon have a strong belief that every student they come across has the potential to become successful. Being one of the best after-school programs in India, Kumon enhances the abilities of students by discovering the “just right” level of study for them and providing them with optimum learning materials. Being originally developed by a father for his son, Kumon is now available in more than 60 countries and regions all around the world.

The core value provided by Kumon is a positive attitude towards education as well as a method of study that kids can use for lifelong learning. After taking the challenge of studying new materials, students improve their concentration, develops perseverance, learn to take on new challenges, and gain a positive sense of self. They began to believe in themselves that if they give it a try, they can do it. The ability and experience in solving problems mentioned in the Kumon worksheets will be greatly helpful for students in the future when they have to deal with numerous problems in life with no immediate answers to them. There are multiple after-school programs in India, but the core values, problem-solving abilities, and positive changes that Kumon develops among kids are unmatchable.

Positive changes that Kumon brings to kids

Apart from building a solid foundation in mathematics, reading, and writing, Kumon also cultivates important work and study skills among students that are necessary for succeeding in today’s world. These positive qualities and changes are mentioned below.

● Concentration and Focus

Kumon helps your child in improving focus and contraction through regular practice. The instructor is responsible to identify the “just right” level for your child along with keeping the students engaged and motivated. The learning materials provided by Kumon are designed to build a series of steps, by encouraging self-learning.

● Time Management

As the Kumon program is based on worksheets and requires daily study, it inculcates discipline and time management skills in kids. Both English and Maths classes in Kumon require around 30 minutes per day. Setting the time aside regularly can develop a positive habit among students. Once a positive habit is established, confidence and independence naturally set in.

● Confidence

Along with self-esteem and a love of learning, Kumon helps in developing confidence among children that can last a lifetime. When kids achieve something, no matter big or small, it gives them a sense of accomplishment. They develop a belief in their abilities with each learning milestone they achieve. With recognition, praise, rewards and our curriculum, children can reach their full potential.

● Independent Learning

The major difference between Kumon and other typical tuition centres for kids is the style of learning. In most tuition centres, the tutor mostly sits with a child and teaches how to solve a problem. This makes the student a passive learner. On the other hand, students at Kumon develop strong self-learning skills through the Kumon Method. Going beyond tutoring, Kumon actively develops critical thinking skills among students as they progress independently through carefully crafted English and Math classes. Each lesson is individualised by the instructor for your children. In this way, the student is challenged to follow the example and try to solve problems on their own.

Wrapping It Up

In today’s world, there is a tremendous demand for quality education. Kumon, being one of the best after-school programs in India, feels a deep responsibility while striving through the implementation of the Kumon method for developing positive changes and a sense of independence among kids. To know more about the Kumon method, please visit the website.

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