5 Signs You Need Bike Servicing In Singapore


Riding a bicycle is a fun and leisurely activity. Suppose you are always on your bicycle. Safety may not come first into your mind. You have thought that you are always using a bike and accidents never happen. It’s a good thing to hear about that, but being sure about your safety should also be your priority. That’s why consider going to a repair bicycle shop for annual or monthly bike repairs.

It’s beneficial if you can repair your bike, but professional help will make the bicycle more efficient and ensure safety. So, as a regular biker, here are the signs that your bike needs a repair service.

1. Problems with Brake

Of course, you must halt while riding a bike when you see an obstruction. Perhaps, a person, a big tree, or a wall. If you don’t have brakes, you might get hit or crash, which can lead to accidents. So, if you have problems with the brake, it’s better to look for bike servicing in Singapore to replace the housing and cables.

2. You Hear Squeaking

It needs professional repair services when you hear squeaking while reading the bike. Don’t wait until your bikes get unusable before looking for a repair service. Better to trust a professional to fix the squeaking problem. You also probably need a new pad for a safer bike experience.

3. Have Not Replaced Chains for Years/Months

Regular use can wear out the chains of your bikes. If this happens, you must look for a replacement from a repair bicycle shop. In doing so, you can achieve a safer experience when reading a bike. See if you have not yet replaced the chains for years/months. If so, change it as soon as you can.

4. Flat Wheels

Like cars, you also need to check the flat wheels. If yes, you might risk falling off the bike. Or you won’t reach your destination. And if you are at East Coast Park for a family bicycle adventure, you might not enjoy your time. So, check the wheels if you need to pump more air.

5. Lack of Maintenance Knowledge

If you lack maintenance knowledge for the bike, you need to rely on professional repair services. You may also attend a bicycle workshop to learn more about the maintenance routine. This way, you can fix your bike even on the go.

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