How A Singapore Sports Medicine Centre Eased My Knee Pain


For as long as I remember, I associated knee pain with the elderly. I thought knee issues only happen to older individuals whose bones, joints, and muscles are not as flexible and stable as before. I believed I was safe from conditions like arthritis and tendonitis since I was not yet a member of the older generation. However, visiting a Singapore sports medicine centre changed my belief and helped me understand why I was experiencing knee pain at a young age.

Understanding My Knee Pain With Thomson Wellth Clinic

For a few months, I, a woman in my late 20s, have been experiencing knee pain lately. Whenever I sit or stand for too long or walk too much, I can feel my knees ache and tremble, affecting my job and daily activities. My company intends to let us employees undergo an executive health screening in Singapore early next year, but I do not think I can endure the pain much longer.

Initially, I did not think much of my discomfort since I believed I was not yet at an age that should get knee pain treatment in Singapore. I tried to ignore it, thinking it might fade in a few days. But as weeks passed, I realised that my knee pain would not go anywhere unless I went through a health check up with a musculoskeletal expert.

After telling a friend about my knee pain, he referred me to Thomson Wellth Clinic. According to him, Thomson Wellth Clinic is the sports medicine centre that treated and rehabilitated his injured ankle that resulted from playing football. I initially hesitated to book an appointment at the facility because I thought they exclusively treat athletes. However, my friend reassured me that Thomson Wellth Clinic could help non-professional sports players like me receive treatment from the centre.

Addressing My Knee Pain With Thomson Wellth Clinic

During my initial health check up with a Singapore specialist at Thomson Wellth Clinic, the doctor asked me about my lifestyle and medical history. He also performed a series of tests to understand my condition, make a correct diagnosis, and administer the appropriate treatment.

After his evaluation, he revealed that my knee pain resulted from arthritis. My specialist explained that while arthritis and its many forms are more common among older people, young adults like me can also encounter the condition due to various factors. According to my health check up results, my arthritis resulted from my previous joint injury, overuse, and genetics. He said I am currently experiencing this condition since my parents and grandparents had arthritis, and I sprained my knee when I was a teen.

Before sending me home, my doctor at Thomson Wellth Clinic asked me to undergo knee pain treatment at his Singapore facility. He developed a plan involving home remedies like having a fatty fish-rich diet and exercising regularly. He also introduced me to a physical therapist who can keep my knees from getting stiff and weak. I still visit him in his clinic now and then to have him check my knees, but his knowledge and expertise have helped me understand and address my knee pain.

If you are looking for a Singapore sports medicine centre that can treat your illnesses or injuries, I highly recommend Thomson Wellth Clinic and its capable and reliable musculoskeletal expert. You can learn more about the facility’s expertise in bone, muscle, and joint health through its website below.

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