Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube is the most popular and widely used platform for sharing and viewing videos online. From music videos to tutorial videos, vlogs, and more, cater to different viewers. Additionally, the majority of music enthusiasts find streaming music engaging. This is due to its sizable library of music videos with a wide range of offerings. However, many people are just interested in the audio component of a video and wish to store it so that it may be streamed offline. Although there are a lot of apps that can help you do this, it would be way easier if you could use online YouTube converter. This post will discuss the most useful and trustworthy website for converting YouTube videos to MP3. Learn more about YouTube to MP3 by reading on.

What is the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter?

In the past, simply recording a video from YouTube with an audio capture tool was enough to get the job done. However, YouTube is now taking action against that practice, and those tools are no longer useful. Nowadays, if you want to do it correctly, you’ll need a specialized YouTube to MP3 converter. But not all YouTube converters are created equal. Some of them include viruses and adware that are ready to hijack your phone or computer. Others provide audio of poor quality.

Then, how to choose the best YouTube to MP3 Converter? For converting the video of your choosing, a straightforward user interface with basic instructions might be far better than one with a big list of alternatives or several possibilities. Speed and effectiveness are also important priorities when converting a YouTube video into an MP3. There are many online conversion tools that make the process fast and easy. Let’s take a look at the top tool to convert YouTube to mp3 free today and see what makes it so outstanding.


The greatest free tool for downloading videos from YouTube quickly and easily is YTBvideoly. It is a user-friendly, flexible, ad-free YT MP3 converter coming with no other programs. Just copy the link from your browser and copy it in the search box of YTBvideoly. Then click the “Download” button and choose the MP3 format and audio quality you want. Videos can also be saved in the MP4, MKV, and WEBM formats. All in all, the online converter can not only download movies from the internet, but can also extract audio from music videos found online and convert videos from the internet to MP3 format for free.

Features of YTBvideoly

  • Unlimited Music MP3 Download

With YTBvideoly, there is no limit on how many videos and MP3s you can download, so you can get as many YouTube videos and music MP3s as you want.

  • Fast Convert Speed

You can rapidly convert any video on YouTube to MP3 with the help of the program. It supports a wide range of audio quality settings, from 64 kbps to 320 kbps.

  • Cost-Zero and Easy to Use

When it comes to downloading and converting videos from YouTube to MP3, YTBvideoly will save you a significant amount of time and money. It is easy to differentiate itself from other YouTube to MP3 converter applications due to the straightforward installation process and the intuitive user interface.

  • File Downloader Available Online

YTBvideoly help you to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 without installing any extra software. The only thing you need is access to the internet and a web browser to convert video to audio.

How to Download MP3 from YouTube for Free?

  • Copy the link.

First, open YouTube and copy the link of the video you want to convert to MP3.

  • Paste the link

Second, come back to YTBvideoly and paste the link you copied into the text box.

  • Download the file

Third, click “Download” button and choose the format and quality. Videos can also be downloaded in MP4, MKV, and WEBM formats.


If you want to listen to music and download movies from YouTube, you will need to utilize a converter that can transform YouTube videos into MP3 files. There are many different programs that can do this job, but not all of them operate in an effective manner. Because of this, we decided to recommend the top one free YouTube to mp3 converter – YTBvideoly for you in this post. You are welcome to give it a shot if you are interested.

There are, of course, still a few programs available on the market that facilitate video downloads on other platforms. Some examples of these applications support downloading TikTok videos without watermark and Ins Story in HD quality. Everyone is able to test out these tools since many of them are free and offer limitless downloads.

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