Unveiling The Enigma: Green Crack, A Controversial Cannabis Strain

Unveiling The Enigma Green Crack, A Controversial Cannabis StrainImage Source: unsplash.com

The world of cannabis is a mystery, even for some casual users. So many strains, variations, and even more varied effects on different consumers. One such strain that has been in the talks since long is Green Crack. With frowned-upon fame and potential effects, this Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid is known for its potent uplifting effects, unique flavor, and aroma and deserves a discussion; let’s unravel!

Identity And Nomenclature

‘Green Crack’, besides the triggering name, is nothing much illicit to it. The name attributed to it is due to its energizing effects on consumers, but the actual crack or cocaine is far different than this. It is different from the crack in a good sense. Believed to be first found in the late 1900s, its genetics says it to be a hybrid of two cannabis varieties- the sativa dominant skunk #1 and an unknown Indica strain.

The composition of this plant shows a balanced yet potent ratio of 15% to 25% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is impressive compared to some well-known cannabis strains. The name; crack is attributed to it due to the energizing effect one gets after consuming crack; the difference is that the psychedelic effect is absent that is observed after using crack.

Characteristics And Effects

  • The plant consists of dense buds of different shades of green with orange hair-like outgrowths.
  • Talking of its aroma, the notes of sweet and citrus with a hint of tropical fruity fragrance and the flavor are also praised by the users.
  • Discuss its effects, it gives intense cerebral stimulation and increased focus. A rush of energy is also reported in most of the consumptions.
  • However, chances of unconsciousness or dizziness cannot be wholly denied due to its high THC percentage.
  • Although allegedly a drug, the plant is recognized as a potent antidepressant, stress buster, and fatigue-relieving herb.

The Controversy It Carries

The primary reason for its controversy resides in its name. The term ‘crack’ doesn’t let a significant section of society even approve of it being legal. But the effects that it creates help cure many health conditions. And many believe the name justifies its potential energizing effect on users. Due to the association of the term crack in its name, and its origin, this cannabis strain, also known as ‘cush’, bags a good share of controversy even after disclosing its clinical benefits.

The most common misconception is that it must have hallucinations, other psychedelic effects, or some after-effect, which is why it is not an abusable drug. It’s a potent natural composition that increases alertness, lifts moods, and cures minor depression (however, this case should not be considered casually, especially when a serious term like depression is involved). Also, keeping track of the quantity is essential.


Green crack is Sativa-dominant cannabis with energizing properties without giving a sense of hallucination or anything similar. Genetically it is a hybrid of sativa dominant skunk #1 and an unknown Indica strain. The properties and effects it exhibits are due to its potent amount of THC.

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