Benefits of Air Purifiers

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air pollution has become a growing issue, both outside and inside. The U.S. state department says five times more breakdowns can be found indoors than outside air. Many airborne pollutants can thrive in indoor air because it is not circulated as frequently as the outside air.

Refreshing stale air with an air purifier can reduce the risk of respiratory infections, neurological problems, and asthma symptoms, all of which can be caused by indoor pollutants. High-quality air purifiers can remove several types of indoor air pollutants, ensuring our health and safety.

What does an Air Purifier do?

99.7{fb7be50fc31effdb9605f8b3debeee6a3c8b64943aa6a00e7fe40d608050225a} of your home’s airborne particulate matter (PM) can be removed by using an air purifier with HEPA technology filters. As a result of removing these pollutants, you can expect better sleep and a longer life expectancy.

Relieves Asthma’s Symptoms

Asthma affects many people in the United States. Asthma patients have bronchial tubes that are inflamed. As a result, their airways become inflamed by pollutants like pet dander, pollen, or dust mites.

Throughout the year, many cats and dog breeds shed their hair. Hair and dander are released when these animals scratch themselves. If you don’t have pets, pollen and dust mites can still trigger asthma.

An Indoor Environment that is free of harmful chemicals.

Even if we close the windows and doors of our houses, we can’t stop the flow of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide into our homes. Gases like these can be found in areas with a lot of traffic and can find their way into your house.

Results of research conducted by the National Library of Medicine

The evidence suggests that long-term inhalation of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide increases dementia and Alzheimer’s disease risk.

Even if you don’t live in a big city with a lot of traffic, cleaning products can still pollute the air in your house. Toxic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and phthalates can be found in many common household cleaners. Small doses of these chemicals may not harm you, but repeated exposure can cause serious health problems like tumors, cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders in some people.

Eliminates Off-Putting Smells

Off-gassing odors can be caused by chemicals such as gasoline, benzene, and formaldehyde breaking down at room temperature. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found in paint, aerosol spray, upholstered furniture, or air freshener products. If you are sensitive to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), your health may be adversely affected by their strong odor.

Additional NIH research

Low levels of VOCs in the air have improved output and performance. Particles and gases are effectively trapped by HEPA and activated carbon air purifiers, reducing pollution in the indoor environment.

Airborne Diseases are reduced.

Small airborne pathogens can spread diseases like the common cold and flu, affecting millions of people yearly. Typically, if one family member gets the flu, the rest of the family follows suit. As a result, everyone is exposed to the same bacteria and viruses because they all breathe the same contaminated air.

These germs and viruses can be removed from the air by air purifiers with HEPA filters. You and your family members and loved ones will stay protected from airborne diseases like COVID if you remove the source of their transmission. Air purifiers are necessary if you share your home with the elderly, children, or anyone with a compromised immune system. Go for an air purifier that kills germs and viruses.

Enhances the Quality of Sleep

Bacteria, dust mites and fungi can cause allergies or hay fever in people who live in an indoor environment. Itchy, runny nose, watery eyes etc are hay fever symptoms that can last for weeks. Itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing are some common allergic symptoms that can keep you awake at night.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you become drowsy during the day and less productive the next day. HEPA air purifiers are recommended to avoid disrupting your sleep because they remove most allergens from your room.

Removes Radon, which is harmful.

When the radioactive elements that naturally occur in the environment like uranium are broken down, the gas produced is known as radon gas. Rock, soil, and granite can all release radon gas, which has no taste or smell and are also present in many common building materials.

Don’t walk on uneven surfaces or step on loose plaster. These cracks allow radon gas, known to cause cancer, to seep into your home. Cancer is caused by a buildup of radon gas in the lungs. A

Removes Dangerous Asbestos Contaminants

An asbestos-containing environment is one that you might be exposed to as a result of working or living in an older building. For most of the 1940s and ’60s, asbestos-containing roofing and insulation materials were widely used. As these structures age, they shed materials that release asbestos into the air.

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