7 Tips For Buying Your Contact Lens Online from Singapore Stores


More and more myopic patients are opting to wear contact lenses. Many have resulted in buying their contact lens from online stores in Singapore. Here are seven tips you should follow when buying a pair or two.

#1 Eye Exams are a Must

A contact lens prescription should last a year, at most. However, some jurisdictions allow for two-year prescription lenses. People should avoid cosmetic contact lenses since there should be a prescription for the lenses.

#2 Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses Have Different Prescriptions

Get a separate prescription for your contact lenses from your myopia control lenses from your Singapore ophthalmologist. The primary reason is that eyeglass lenses are around 12 millimetres away from your eyes. Contact lenses lie directly on the surface of your eyes.

#3 Use the Prescribed Brand

A professional examination should establish which lens is best for you. Different brands may have varying degrees of water content and form.

#4 Look Around

Prices for the same brand of contacts vary a lot between sellers. Conducting comparison shopping might pay well. Other strategies to save money include checking your vision insurance coverage for contact lenses and looking for rebates on contact lens purchases.

#5 Have Contacts & Lens Care Supplies On Hand

If you use daily or monthly contact lens types, call your Singapore supplier to ensure you order enough. Furthermore, order as soon as you notice that you are running low on supply.

#6 Evaluate Seller Reputation

Contact lenses are frequently more complicated than they look. Some e-commerce sites may be offering counterfeit contact lenses. An ophthalmologist recommends that customers look at a retailer’s customer service and return policy.

#7 Be Suspicious of Online Eye Exams

Online eye exam services are unlikely to provide a suitable prescription and identify eye disorders. They are not an appropriate substitute for an in-person eye examination and contact lens fitting.

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