5 Tips to Stay Healthy At the Age Of 60


Reaching 60 is a great accomplishment in itself and this is the time when you should start enjoying your life in your own style. However, you can actually enjoy your life at 60 and beyond only if you are keeping good health. Spending your old age being physically dependent on others cannot be fun actually. This article takes you through 5 tips that can ensure your best health even at 60 and beyond.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

It is said that after 60, the waistline becomes inversely proportional to the lifeline. So, maintaining a healthy weight is vital to ensure that your body is not burdened with extra kilos. With age the metabolism slows down and hence losing weight becomes difficult. So, keep a strict check on weight gain in the first place.

2. Exercise

Exercise regularly at least for 20 minutes. You should talk with your health care provider about the types of exercise you should do in your present health condition. Walking and swimming can be great options to keep your body moving and flexible. Through exercise, you can ensure better blood circulation across the body and also enhance metabolism which can help in controlling weight and ensuring the best health.

3. Eat healthy

If you are willing to stay fit at 60 and beyond you really have to quit on bad eating habits, but ensure to intake a properly balanced diet that can fill your daily nutritional requirements. Limit the amount of processed and high-calorie foods and opt for more leafy vegetables and fiber-rich items.

4. Stay mentally active

Health is a mixture of complete physical and mental well-being. To ensure the best mental well-being engage in group activities, light responsibilities of home, play games that require your brain to work, like puzzles and chess. You can also do meditation to ensure the best mental health.

5. See your healthcare provider regularly

This is something you cannot miss at this age. Being in regular touch with your health care provider and informing him/her in detail about your health conditions and sticking to his/her suggestions religiously is vital to stay healthy at 60.

So, follow the 5 simple tips mentioned above and enjoy great health even at 60 and beyond.

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