5 Hacks That Could Save The Day at Your Marbella Wedding Venues


For most people, their weddings Spain is the most planned event in their life. It is also the biggest party they have planned in their life up until that moment. It could be the same for you. When it comes to weddings, couples tend to spend lots of time looking at the significant issues that they forget some little ones that need solving too.

It is understandable how that could happen because of all the pressure they are under. Thankfully we’ve got your back where your wedding is concerned. So here are five hacks that could help you solve small problems that show up at your wedding.

· Umbrellas

Regardless of what month you choose to have your wedding in, umbrellas can come in very handy. They can be a shade from the sun, a cover from the rain, and a lovely wedding prop to make your guests look cool in all your pictures. Providing umbrellas at your Wedding venue Spain is a great way to keep your guests comfortable and happy.

· Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are another sensible thing that you can provide for guests at weddings Spain. They’ll catch a few tears at the sweet, emotional moments of your wedding and can also help your guests if they get sweaty. Handkerchiefs can also be customized to serve as wedding favors for your guests to go home with.

· Alternative Entertainment

Entertainment is an integral part of a wedding. The traditional entertainments expected at every Marbella wedding venues are food and good music. You can, however, also go out of your way to get alternative forms of entertainment as additions to the traditional ones. Photobooths, magicians, and even a bouncing castle are some fun ideas that you can try. They’ll make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable.

· Dancing Shoes

This one will be a hit and a great problem solver, especially for the ladies. Most of your guests started your wedding ceremony with you and would now be going into the reception too. Wearing classy/expensive shoes for that long can be stressful, especially when it’s heels for the ladies.

Providing comfortable flip-flops that your guests can change into is a great idea. You can set up a station with these and have an usher hand them out. It’ll solve the problem of hurting feet and motivate your guests to dance because they’ll be free to.

· A Babysitter

If there are no age restrictions at your Marbella wedding venues, then your guests that have kids may come along with them. Hiring a babysitter can keep the kids happily occupied and give their parents the freedom to have a good time. You can also provide the kids with bags that include things like treats, toys, and activity books.

With all of the hacks above, you can handle most small issues that could occur at your planned wedding before they happen. Weddings Spain are often a great experience for guests if the couple has these handled. So make sure you do so at yours and best of luck!!!

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