4 Types of Test Systems and How They Test Your Products


Do you run a business? Or do you run a manufacturing plant? If so, you probably create products to sell to consumers. If you produce products like electronic devices and the like, you need to test them extensively before they are deemed safe for use. Those in the research and development field may know the importance of running tests on various materials, products, and more.

Aside from stress tests, load testing, electrical testing, and more, what other types of systems, such as the burn in test system, can be used on your products and items. Let’s take a closer look at a few.

1. HAST system.

It’s known as the Highly Accelerated Stress Test system (or chamber). It is designed to conduct highly accelerated stress tests through two chambers. It’s used to reduce humidity testing time for superconductors

2. HTRB system.

 Short for High-Temperature Reverse Bias Test system, this type of system performs evaluations on leak behaviour under certain stress conditions. It usually tests for behaviour under high voltage and high-temperature conditions.

3. HTOL system.

The HTOL system, or the High-Temperature Operating Life system, is a type of testing to determine the effects of electrical bias and temperature on devices and other materials. It is used to determine the reliability and performance of these devices under those conditions.

4. Burn in system.

 Burn-in testing is when a system or component runs for an extended period. This can help manufacturers detect issues in the device or product while in use. Products should be able to withstand continuous usage without any issues.

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