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How to Plan Out A DIY Re-decorating Project


If you are doing a DIY decorating project to spruce up your home but you are not sure where to start, here are some steps to go by. They include:

  • Commit to a budget and have a timeline
  • Appraise your needs as well as lifestyle
  • Decide what goes and what stays
  • Draw a plan for furniture placement
  • Concentrate on big items like furniture first

Budget and Timeline

You need to figure out what your total budget is. Do not skip this step because you will be more likely to spend much more than you need to and then make poor purchasing options that you might later regret. You also need to pick a date so that you will get the project done by date or you could go on forever. And you also need to complete your project one stage at a time.

Evaluate Your Needs

Separate your wants and your needs. Make a list of the furniture as well as accessories you want for your project. List any work such as wallpapering or painting. Then take this list and rate every item 1 through 5 with 1 being a must-do and 5 being non-necessity. Reorder items on the list with necessities being first and more items that are wishful on the bottom. Let family members know about the project and get their input.


Be honest about what your family’s lifestyle is now to not get ahead of yourself. Here is a good example – if your children use your family room as a playroom includes storage on your list for their toys. You should have some safety needs also. Note any concerns than are special such as pets and shedding fur or furniture that might get clawed on. You do not want to spend money for expensive furniture if the dog is just going to chew on it.

Your project will go better when it is planned out.

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